Conservatives are furious with this former RNC chairman’s support of ending the filibuster

The filibuster hasn’t received this much media coverage since Rand Paul staged an almost 13-hour filibuster back in 2013.

Democrats are pushing hard to get rid of the filibuster despite many of them previously supporting it.

And now conservatives are furious with this former RNC chairman’s support of ending the filibuster.

Former RNC chairman and current MSNBC analyst Michael Steele recently said ending the filibuster was “common sense.”

Steele’s comments have enraged those on the Right who can’t believe he would embrace a position that is clearly being pushed by liberal Democrats.

According to Steele, the filibuster was used as a “political insider’s game.”

The former RNC chairman went on to complain that it gives politicians the ability to “not have to deal with the big policy.”

Steele also said that Republican state voter laws were “stripping away our access to the ballot box.”

His comments shouldn’t come as a surprise, given many have believed Steele to be a liberal Republican for years, but making these statements publicly and attacking the party he supposedly aligns with has some wondering what his motives might be.

Steele headed the Republican party from 2009 to 2011, at which time the Democrats’ House majority fell back to the Republicans as a result of the 2010 Tea Party tidal wave.

The claim is fundraising suffered during Steele’s time at the helm of the Republican Party, but many have speculated that his liberal leanings may have been coming to light during this time.

Steele is one of a list of Republicans whose ideologies seemed to take a dramatic shift when Donald Trump took office.

Many took to Twitter to air their grievances.

Stephen L. Miller tweeted, “When a Democrat Senator from Arizona understands things better than the former head of the RNC,” referencing Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s recent op-ed defending the filibuster.

Another Tweet stated, “This is coming from the man who put the RNC convention in Tampa, Florida, during hurricane season soooo…”

Former Trump campaign spokesman, Tim Murtaugh, called Steele a “phony.”

Steele is a disgruntled so-called “Republican” who joined the now-disgraced Lincoln Project PAC last year after jumping aboard the “Never Trump” train.

Donald Trump did a lot for the country, but one of his greatest achievements was making the liberals disguised in conservative clothing out themselves.

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