CNN shut its doors in one move that came out of nowhere

CNN continues to experience massive turbulence.

What just happened is a crushing defeat.

CNN shut its doors in one move that came out of nowhere.

When Ted Turner first put CNN on the air in June 1980, the CNN Center in Atlanta was the network’s headquarters.

Not anymore.

CNN finally shut the doors on the CNN Center after selling the building to a pair of Florida real estate developers.

The network long ago moved its anchors to Washington, D.C. and New York, and the CNN Center mainly housed digital employees and CNN International staff.

Those CNN employees will now move to the company’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters.

“CNN is moving out of the CNN Center, its longtime downtown Atlanta home by the end of this year,” Fox News reported. “The cable channel’s weekday anchors are all already in New York or Washington, but CNN still has digital and CNN International operations in Atlanta. Spokesperson Bridget Leininger confirmed in an email that the remaining CNN staff and operations in Atlanta would move to the Techwood Turner Broadcasting campus in Midtown.”

“The move will happen in stages and will finish by the end of this year, Leininger said,” the report continued. “CNN’s previous parent company, AT&T, sold the CNN Center for nearly $164 million to two Florida-based real estate firms, CP Group and Rialto Capital, in 2021, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. It was not immediately clear what would happen to the building’s other tenants.”

David Zaslav, the CEO of CNN parent company Warner Brothers Discovery, set about trying to fix the company’s finances by slashing $3 billion in debt and shutting down CNN+ just a matter of weeks after disgraced former CNN Jeff Zucker poured $300 million into the failed streaming service.

Zaslav also tasked new network CEO Chris Licht with restoring the network’s credibility and legitimacy as a real news network, rather than a Democrat propaganda outlet.

CNN’s decades of left-wing bias culminated in the network morphing into a megaphone for the “resistance” during the Trump years, leading many on both sides of the aisle to change the channel rather than sit through all the left-wing propaganda.

With their ratings in the tank, CNN jettisoned some of their most extreme left-wing hacks, such as Brian Stelter, John Harwood, and Chris Cillizza.

But CNN closing down the CNN Center in Atlanta is the surest sign yet that CNN is entering a precarious new phase of its existence.

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