CNN pointed out one massive failure that sent Joe Biden into a fit of rage

Joe Biden thought the so-called “mainstream” media had his back.

Even they couldn’t hide the truth about one colossal blunder.

And CNN pointed out one massive failure that sent Joe Biden into a fit of rage.

Rampant inflation is one of the biggest disasters that President Joe Biden has unleashed on the nation thus far.

After spending trillions financed with debt during a socialist spending spree, inflation is at a 40-year high.

The Biden regime was caught completely flatfooted when inflation began to soar.

They threw a bunch of excuses against the wall hoping one would stick with the American people.

President Biden and his regime lackeys spent months trying to falsely claim that inflation would be “transitory” or “temporary.”

After every month delivered a new devastating inflation report, the Biden regime finally backed off of this transparent lie the public could see very clearly.

The Biden regime then pivoted to trying to pin the blame for inflation on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine. 

CNN Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans said that the economists calling inflation “transitory” ended up being a “really bad call.”

Host Jim Sciutto pointed out that Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was worried about a recession, but added that “not everyone is in that camp.”

Sciutto asked Romans how she thought the year was starting out.

“No one really knows for sure,” Romans replied, adding that Greenspan “doesn’t have a perfect record.”

“In the last year, economists really got it wrong,” Romans said. “Remember transitory inflation? That was a really bad call, and that was really wrong.”

Even CNN is admitting that the Democrat push led by President Joe Biden to call inflation “transitory” was a terrible prediction.

Economists and the corporate-controlled media have pushed the overly optimistic economic messaging from the Biden regime, and ended up looking like fools.

With a potential recession looming this year, many of the same people are once again parroting the Biden regime lie that a recession isn’t inevitable.

“Maybe you don’t have a recession, maybe you kind of grind to a halt here,” Romans claimed. “No one knows for sure. The job market still remains strong. I would just caution after the last year no one really knows for sure what 2023 holds.”

CNN’s minuscule audience was shocked to hear Romans not repeating the Biden regime’s rosy economic talking points on a potential recession.

It appears that even some CNN personalities can learn the lesson from years of failed economic predictions by Joe Biden. 

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