CNN just issued a scary warning that sent Democrats running for their lives

Democrats do not expect CNN to ever act as the bearer of bad news.

But it happened just the same.

And CNN just issued a scary warning that sent Democrats running for their lives.

Asian-Americans made up just 4% of the electorate during the 2020 Presidential election.

But the Asian population is the fastest growing segment of America’s voting public.

And Democrats have now discovered that it’s not just Hispanic voters who are realigning into the Republican column – Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency also alienated Asian voters.

As CNN polling analyst Harry Enten pointed out, the biggest drop in President Biden’s approval rating as of late has been with Asian voters.

“Pew Research Center polling, however, does show that Biden’s standing with Asians has dropped precipitously,” Enten said. “He’s averaged a 53% approval rating and a 47% disapproval rating (or a +7 net approval rating, without rounding) in 2022 data. Biden won Asian voters by 44 points in 2020, according to Pew data.”

“In other words, his net approval margin with Asian adults now is 37 points lower than his margin over Republican Donald Trump among Asian voters in 2020,” Enter concluded.

Enten then dove into election results from 2021, looking at the New York City Mayoral race to show there’s been a shift in Asian voters moving to the GOP by looking at the New York City Mayoral election.

In that contest, Democrat Eric Adams crushed Republican Curtis Sliwa by 39 points.

But, as Enten pointed out, Sliwa ran a whopping 23-points better in precincts in and around Queens, where precinct populations are at least 75% Asian.

“The heavily Asian precincts (or election districts) in Queens, the most Asian borough in New York, tell a different story,” Enten wrote. “Adams won Queens precincts that are at least 75% Asian by 16 points. De Blasio won those same precincts by 34 points, according to data collected by Matthew Thomas.”

Democrats’ soft on crime policies have hit many communities with large Asian populations harder than most.

Despite all the lip service they pay to hate crimes against Asians, they ignore that virtually all of these crimes occur in Democrat-controlled cities where left-wing Mayors and District Attorneys do not enforce the law.

RNC Spokesman, and Director of Asian Pacific American Media, Nainoa Johsens said it was only natural for Asian voters to migrate to the GOP after witnessing Democrat’s failures firsthand.

“Asian American voters are sick and tired of Democrats hurting our families by causing the highest inflation in 40 years, defunding the police, and ending merit-based education,” Johsens told The Daily Caller. “From the election of Glenn Youngkin in Virginia to the recall of San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin, the numbers show that the AAPI community is leaving the Democrat Party behind in droves and the shift is only accelerating.”

“Joe Biden’s radical agenda is out of touch with Asian American voters and Republicans are poised for big gains because the GOP is on the ground months before November to listen to the AAPI community’s concerns and provide real solutions based on our shared conservative values,” Johsens added.

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