CNN gave Joe Biden some devastating news that left him in a panic

CNN is a leading mouthpiece for the Democrat elite.

With the Biden regime imploding, it’s harder to hide the truth.

And they gave Joe Biden some devastating news that left him in a panic.

Joe Biden ran on a radical socialist Build Back Better agenda to rebuild the economy coming out of the pandemic.

His first major bill in office was a left-wing grab bag that flooded the economy with nearly two trillion dollars.

Now his chickens are coming home to roost after unprecedented spending.

Rising inflation is so bad that even the corporate-controlled media can’t deny it.

CNN featured Harvard economist Jason Furman who made a remarkable observation.

He said that the current inflation in the economy had wiped out recent wage gains for workers.

Inflation had eaten away at their paychecks to the point that they’re now bringing in less money than 2019.

This wiped out wage gains from employers trying to compete with enhanced unemployment checks.

This is a startling revelation from the corporate-controlled media as most outlets had spent the year making excuses for the regime.

Biden claimed that inflation is transitory because of the economy reopening.

The American public isn’t buying the liberal excuses.

A Fox News poll found that 79% of voters believe government policies are at least partially responsible for inflation with 86% saying they’re concerned about it.

This is the latest in a string of bad economic news for the regime.

Consumer sentiment has plunged to the lowest levels in a decade.

With razor thin majorities in Congress, rising inflation could derail the Biden agenda.

A potential $3.5 trillion budget and a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill are on deck.

Vulnerable Democrats up in the 2022 election will have to decide if they want to throw gasoline onto the inflation fire by supporting these massive spending bills.

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