Clarence Thomas left everyone speechless by announcing when he will leave the Supreme Court

Clarence Thomas is the longest serving Supreme Court Justice.

Justice Thomas is also the most consistently conservative justice on the bench.

And now Clarence Thomas left everyone speechless by announcing when he will leave the Supreme Court.

The corporate-controlled media spent more than 30 years smearing Clarence Thomas in an attempt to destroy him.

Journalists began sliming Thomas during his 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearings when Anita Hill made false allegations of sexual harassment in an 11th hour bid to bork Justice Thomas.

The media then attacked Thomas for going ten years in between asking questions during Supreme Court oral arguments in a coded, racist attack to essentially call Clarence Thomas – the only black member of the Supreme Court – lazy and stupid.

And now the left-wing media is after Thomas again, trying to force him to recuse himself from any cases involving the January 6 Committee and potential 2024 cases should Donald Trump run, because of his wife’s political activism.

At an event hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, the Manhattan Institute and the Hoover Institution in Dallas, Justice Thomas mocked his critics in the corporate-controlled media during the question and answer session.

Justice Thomas told the approving crowd that his response to members of the press who attacked the way Thomas comported himself during oral arguments was that he knew it would be time to retire when he was as bad at his job as the press is at theirs.

No Supreme Court Justice in anyone’s memory found themselves the subject of a more long-standing smear campaign than Clarence Thomas.

The latest attack on Thomas over his wife believing Democrats stole the 2020 election is a preemptive attack on the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

Democrats fear the Supreme Court will block Democrat election officials from usurping the power of state legislatures to set election rules and expand the mail-in-vote process.

That’s why the January 6 Committee leaked Ginni Thomas’ text messages to then Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

But Thomas is unbothered by his critics in the media and uses humor to cut them down to size.

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