Chuck Schumer’s jaw hit the floor when this bombshell news broke about a TV star

Chuck Schumer is having a miserable time running an evenly divided Senate.

With the Biden regime in free fall, his razor-thin majority is in danger.

And his jaw hit the floor when this bombshell news broke about a TV star.

Less than a year out from Election Day 2022, the battle for control of the Senate is heating up.

With the Senate in a 50/50 tie broken by Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer has the slimmest majority possible.

He can’t afford to lose a single seat – and with Biden’s approval numbers underwater he’s got an uphill fight.

Pennsylvania is one of the biggest Senate races in 2022 after incumbent Republican Pat Toomey decided to retire.

The state was one of the most closely contested in the last two Presidential elections.

With every seat crucial in such a narrowly divided chamber, Pennsylvania could determine who controls the Senate.

Both Republicans and Democrats have a large field of candidates running, but neither side has a superstar.

An expected strong political climate next year for Republicans is drawing in an unexpected candidate.

According to unnamed sources, Dr. Mehmet Oz is building a campaign team and preparing to enter the race as a Republican.

Known as “Dr. Oz” on TV, he got his start on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she dubbed him “America’s Doctor.”

After appearing on Oprah, he later starred in his own syndicated TV show The Dr. Oz Show, which has run for 13 seasons.

Although a political newcomer, he would shake up the Republican field with heavy name recognition.

Dr. Oz would be the latest celebrity Senate recruit for Republicans in the 2022 election cycle.

In Georgia, former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star Herschel Walker is the leading Republican Senate candidate.

Donald Trump’s success as a political outsider could inspire other celebrity candidates.

With another potentially strong candidate entering the crucial Pennsylvania Senate race, Chuck Schumer just got another headache to worry about in his struggle to hold onto control. 

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