Chuck Schumer was terrified after this major announcement by a football legend

Chuck Schumer is in control of the Senate by the narrowest possible margin.

The Biden regime is dragging him down.

And now he’s terrified after this major announcement by a football legend.

In the 2020 elections, Georgia decided control of the U.S. Senate.

Radical leftist Raphael Warnock won by the slimmest of margins in a runoff election.

Warnock is now up again two years later for a full term after his 2020 special election victory.

In a 50/50 Senate, Georgia could once again decide which party controls the Senate in 2022.

And Republicans now have a top recruit for the seat.

Enter former football legend Herschel Walker who declared for the race.

Walker was a star running back for the Georgia Bulldogs leading them to a national championship and collecting a Heisman Trophy along the way.

He followed that up with a successful career in professional football.

Donald Trump has been a friend of Walker’s since the 1980s when he played for the Trump-owned New Jersey Generals in the USFL.

Trump had enthusiastically encouraged Walker to get into the race.

With Trump’s support and status as a football legend he’s the heavy odds-on favorite to win the Republican nomination.

His opponent, Warnock, won in 2020 as a first-time candidate with no record.

Warnock started off his Senate career calling for the move of the Major League Baseball All-Star game out of Atlanta in response to Georgia’s new election integrity law.

Aside from failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, other leading Democrats in Georgia didn’t support the move, which cost the Atlanta area $100 million in lost revenue.

Warnock has also been a down the line supporter of the failed Biden regime, something that won’t be viewed favorably by many in such a closely divided state as Georgia.

With 2022 expected to be a good year for Republicans he’s one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the Senate.

Now with Walker in the race, Republicans have a great chance to flip the seat and put a strong supporter of Trump’s America-First agenda into office.

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