Chuck Schumer was fuming when a leading Republican exposed this massive deception

Chuck Schumer is trying to pull a fast one with his latest dirty trick.

His scheme is about to fall apart. 

And he was fuming when a leading Republican exposed this massive deception.

After the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Senator Chuck Schumer went to work politicizing the tragedy to advance his political agenda.

He began demanding more gun control legislation, and started trying to win over weak-kneed Republican Senators to support it.

Even though there’s no evidence that any of the measures would have stopped the shooter, Schumer and Democrats want to use this tragedy to continue their crusade to disarm law-abiding gun owners.

Democrats are clamoring for gun control while dismissing any other practical solution that would help improve school safety.

One day after the shooting, Schumer blocked a bill called the Luke and Alex School Safety Act, named for two children killed in Parkland, Florida.

The bill would establish best practices for school safety for local officials, and help implement and evaluate these ideas.

Infuriatingly, after blocking it, Schumer claimed the bill “could see more guns in schools” and demanded gun control instead. 

Texas Republican Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne called out Schumer in an appearance on the Ingraham Angle.

“[The School Safety Act is] something that could have helped,” Van Duyne lamented. “That’s the most frustrating part.” 

“If you look at all the policies that have been thrown out there — you look at the ones that work, without a doubt, having school resource officers on campus works,” she continued.

“In fact, in 2018 alone, they had three separate shooters in Florida, Maryland and Illinois that tried to go into a school and have a mass casualty situation, and each time they had a school resource officer that met with them almost immediately, stopped them in their tracks, disarmed them, prevented them from ever having opened fire and prevented mass casualties,” the Congresswoman explained.

“That works. It’s a conversation we have to have,” Van Duyne continued. “But what you’re seeing is Democrats are politicizing this once again. It is all about control. It’s not about solutions that work.”

“You know, we’ve got President Biden who is going on his tirade hours after this killing. And he’s talking about how in his years, his career, he spent with all these bills on gun control and on gun safety,” she added.

“He’s been there for 50 years, folks. He’s been there for half a century. This problem has gotten worse,” Rep. Van Duyne continued. “It hasn’t gotten better. It’s gotten much worse. And we’re sitting here now having to deal with [how he] talks to us and taking solutions off the table.”

“But I do want to have a message to all of those families in Uvalde: You have elected leaders who will fight with you, who will try to help you through this horrible, nightmarish trauma and not politicize the soul-crushing grief that you’re going through now,” the Congresswoman concluded.

Chuck Schumer is shamelessly trying to advance gun control at the expense of the students that he claims to care about. 

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