Chuck Schumer was blindsided after a Republican Senate candidate made this surprising offer

Chuck Schumer thought he had seen it all.

One blunder could cost him a battleground state.

And Chuck Schumer was blindsided after a Republican Senate candidate made this surprising offer.

The Senate race in Georgia could decide which party controls the Senate after November’s Midterm elections.

Democrats took control of the Senate in early 2021 after winning two highly controversial and questionable runoff elections in Georgia.

Incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is up for re-election after narrowly winning a special election in the Georgia runoff.

Senator Warnock is being challenged by former University of Georgia football star and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker, who received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

Heading into the home stretch of the campaign, the race is neck and neck.

Now, Senator Warnock’s campaign is dealing with a major scandal after a bombshell report from the Washington Free Beacon.

Warnock is a radical leftist who’s been a rubber stamp for President Joe Biden’s failed socialist agenda.

He serves as the senior Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, which provides him a staggering $7,417 housing allowance on top of his more than $120,000 per year church salary, and more than $164,000 per year Senate salary.

Senator Warnock’s church also owns 99% of Atlanta’s Columbia Tower at MLK Village, which is low-income housing for the “chronically homeless” and individuals with “mental disabilities.”

While Warnock was pushing socialist policies and bashing Republicans for fighting Democrats’ illegal moratorium on evictions, his treatment of the residents of Columbia Tower didn’t match his rhetoric.

“Unemployment benefits have expired, rent is due today, and many Georgia families are at risk of eviction in the middle of a pandemic,” Warnock said in August 2020. 

He added that his Republican political opponents not taking action showed they were “clearly only concerned with serving their own interests.”

But Senator Warnock’s church wasn’t living up to his left-wing ideals.

During the pandemic, Ebenezer Baptist Church filed 12 eviction lawsuits against Columbia Tower’s disadvantaged tenants for a total sum of $4,900 in past due rent, far less than Warnock’s generous monthly housing allowance.

One eviction lawsuit was filed against a resident for just $28.55 in past due rent.

The building also received nearly $15 million in taxpayer subsidies to house these disadvantaged residents.

While Warnock tried to portray himself as a champion of the downtrodden, his church was trying to evict people with mental disabilities for paltry amounts of late rent.

After news of the scandal broke, Herschel Walker offered to step in and help the residents of Columbia Tower.

“I have never known a preacher that likes abortion even after birth, won’t pay his child support and evicts poor people to the street,” Walker wrote on social media. “I will pay the $4500 in past due rents listed in this news article to keep @ReverendWarnock from evicting these people.”

Warnock is a supporter of nationwide abortion on-demand and opposes any restrictions on it.

This is just the latest scandal to engulf Senator Warnock as he fights to hang on to his seat.

Warnock’s ex-wife took him to court, accusing him of failing to pay childcare expenses and alleged that he ran over her foot with a car during a domestic dispute.

Raphael Warnock’s growing scandals could cost Democrats in one of the most important Senate races this fall. 

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