Chuck Schumer turned red with rage when this prediction came back to haunt him

Photo by Hailey Sani on Flickr (Public domain)

Chuck Schumer let his big mouth get the best of him.

He was caught red-handed lying through his teeth to the public.

And Chuck Schumer turned red with rage when this prediction came back to haunt him.

Democrats have declared war on anything powered by fossil fuels to fight climate change.

They’re using climate change as an excuse to make Americans’ lives more miserable.

Earlier this year, a member of the Consumer Product Safety Commission appointed by President Joe Biden claimed that a ban on gas stoves was needed due to alleged childhood respiratory problems associated with their use.

The impetus for the potential ban was a bogus study by radical left-wing environmental activists who used faulty data to reach their predetermined conclusions.

The Biden regime faced a fierce backlash after the proposed ban was floated, and quickly reversed course to disavow the idea.

Democrats and their media allies mocked working class Americans and consumer groups who pushed back on the proposal, falsely claiming that a gas stove ban was never being considered.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) used the controversy to attack Republicans and claim that a gas stove ban wasn’t happening.

“Nobody is taking away your gas stove,” Schumer claimed on social media. “Shameless and desperate MAGA Republicans are showing us they will cook up any distraction to divert from real issues the American people want solved, like the debt ceiling.”

“At first you have to laugh at the ‘gas stove ban’ narrative being cooked up by the MAGA GOP,” Schumer added in a statement.

Senator Schumer ended up with egg on his face after his fellow Democrats in his home state of New York unilaterally instituted the most authoritarian ban on gas stoves in the country.

New York’s $229 billion budget included provisions to ban gas hookups in all new residential buildings by 2029.

It became the first state to enact a comprehensive ban on natural gas and other fossil fuels in new residential construction.

New Yorkers looking for a new home won’t have the option of a gas stove or natural gas for their heating.

Schumer knew he was lying at the time when he claimed no one is coming for gas stoves.

Democrat-controlled cities in left-wing states, like California, Massachusetts and Washington, have instituted their own bans on gas stoves in new construction.

Like Senator Schumer, the Biden regime claimed that a gas stove ban wasn’t happening, but they quietly shifted their strategy after public outrage.

The Department of Energy proposed stringent new energy efficiency standards for gas stoves that would eliminate half of the models currently sold.

Republicans correctly called out Democrats for their push to ban gas stoves.

Currently, Congressional Republicans are pushing bills that would protect gas stoves from being banned.

Democrats have given up trying to tell the truth about their wildly unpopular radical left-wing environmental agenda because it’s become too ridiculous to defend.

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