Chuck Schumer turned as pale as a ghost after he saw this shocking news

With Democrats in disarray, Chuck Schumer’s life is a constant headache.

But things are going to get even worse for him. 

And Chuck Schumer turned as pale as a ghost after he saw this shocking news.

The Midterm elections are coming up, and Chuck Schumer is panicking.

With only 50 Democrat Senators, Schumer has the narrowest possible majority.

Joe Biden’s failed Presidency is threatening to drag down Democrats across the board.

Biden’s collapsing poll numbers are an anchor for Democrats in key battleground states.

Since the Midterms are a referendum on Biden’s disastrous control of government, things are looking bleak for Schumer.

Primary season is heating up, and one sign from them is a bad omen for Democrats this fall.

In the primaries held so far, Republicans have a massive turnout advantage.

In the most recent primary elections in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Oregon, and Kentucky, Republicans made up 54.9% of the total vote.

When the other five states that held primaries so far – Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska, and West Virginia – are included, that total jumps to 60% of primary ballots cast for Republicans.

In what are expected to be two of the biggest battleground states in the Senate this year, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, GOP turnout was up significantly from 2018.

In Pennsylvania, both Republicans and Democrats had high-profile Senate primaries for the state’s open seat.

Republican turnout jumped 8% from 2018 to make up 53% of primary ballots cast.

In North Carolina, Republican turnout was up a whopping 12%, which put the GOP at 55% of the primary vote.

These are two Republican-held Senate seats that feature retiring GOP incumbents.

Schumer had hoped to pick up both of these seats this fall.

But the data shows that Republican voters are fired up to give Schumer the pink slip as Senate Majority Leader.

Republican pollster John Couvillon of JMC Analytics has been tracking the GOP turnout.

“In every state where I’ve been measuring turnout changes relative to previous midterms, I’m seeing a clear advantage on the Republican side,” Couvillon told the New York Post.

He noted that since the primary season is just getting started, this is “not super representative,” as just 10 states have held primaries.

But the data from these primaries suggests “states that are swinging and are Republican are going to move far to the right.” 

Compared to 2018, Couvillon said Republican turnout is up 38% in primaries.

In the battleground state of Ohio, Democrat turnout dropped 29% from the so-called Blue wave year of 2018.

Republican voters are fired up to fire Nancy Pelsoi and Chuck Schumer after the damage they’ve done to the country.

Turnout usually drops during the Midterm compared to a Presidential year.

In close races around the country, strong Republican turnout could make the difference.

And fired up Republican voters could spell the end of the line for Chuck Schumer’s Democrat majority. 

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