Chip Roy is calling for Biden to stand before God and the American people about what really happened in Afghanistan

Joe Biden is in real trouble.

His scandal-plagued Presidency is on the brink of total collapse just eight months in.

And now, Chip Roy is calling for Biden to stand before God and the American people about what really happened in Afghanistan.

People want answers about Afghanistan, and quite frankly, they deserve them.

After spending twenty years in the country, the withdrawal of American troops was more disastrous than anyone ever anticipated.

Now Joe Biden is trying to cast blame on former President Donald Trump, but no one’s buying it.

This happened on Biden’s watch and under his leadership, so he needs to answer for it.

Congressman Chip Roy of Texas says it’s now Joe Biden’s “time of reckoning.”

In a letter he sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Texas Representative called for Joe Biden and top officials to stand before God and the American people in a testimony before Congress.

Roy also called for Biden’s resignation.

But he didn’t stop there.

The Congressman says Kamala Harris, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, General Mark Milley, and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan need to resign right alongside Biden.

“They must stand before God and the American people, answer for their actions and then be punished as appropriate through impeachment, court-martial or otherwise consistent with the law,” Roy stated in his letter.

The letter went on to note that the Taliban is now stronger than ever and worse, they “now have now have access to the sensitive biometric database of our Afghan allies and now control billions of dollars worth of U.S. military equipment.”

Ronny Jackson of Texas seconded Roy’s sentiment in a Tweet stating, “The Biden White House has made promises on Afghanistan they knew they couldn’t keep. They LIED to us and thought we wouldn’t notice. Impeach!”

New polls have shown there is an overwhelming number of Americans who support the impeachment of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden knows he failed, but he refuses to admit it, making the American people even angrier.

Someone needs to speak up, and speak up soon, about what really went down in Afghanistan.

The public deserves to know.

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