Buzzfeed has a radical new proposal for white parents that will leave you red with rage

Parents across the country are making their voices heard. 

They don’t believe it is Big Education’s place to indoctrinate their children with hyper-sexualized materials and Critical Race Theory. 

Now, far-Left digital media outlet Buzzfeed is advocating for a shocking way to handle concerned parents, in particular, the white ones. 

In an article on its site, Buzzfeed staff is recommending deplatforming white parents who complain about CRT or supposed “gender theory” being taught in schools. 

In the hateful column, Deplatform White Parents, Buzzfeed’s Alessa Dominguez suggests white parents should simply not be listened to or permitted to speak.

This is despite majorities of parents across ALL races not wanting CRT and woke gender theory taught in classrooms.

Radical voices like those published in Buzzfeed do not want parents to have any say over the education of their own children. 

As Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Christopher Rufo put it, they want to use taxpayer money from hardworking Americans to push their San Francisco values of gender ideology and Critical Race Theory — without obstruction.

“The evidence suggests that the Left’s racial hysterics are counterproductive,” Rufo tweeted. “Latinos and Asians, in particular, are moving rightward in key electoral districts. They don’t want the politics of racial demonization and will punish those who promote it.”

Buzzfeed tries to spin, saying these parents don’t want any materials on America’s history related to race taught in school. 

But that’s simply not true.

Have you ever heard a parent, or conservative organization, or church argue that the history of slavery shouldn’t be part of lesson plans? 

Or how about the Civil War, Martin Luther King Jr., or the Civil Rights Movement? 

Of course not. 

They just don’t want their children being taught that our society is rooted in racism and bigoted institutions and it’s all the fault of white men. 

And they don’t want their children being told by people of authority that there is no such thing as man and woman. 

And they don’t want their elementary-aged children reading books teaching them how to perform gay oral sex. 

Is that too much to ask? 

For the woke team at Buzzfeed, apparently it is. 

And if you say as much – and are white – you should be silenced and deplatformed. 

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