Bill Clinton’s former top advisor just revealed one brutal truth about Donald Trump and the corporate-controlled media

Left-wing activists in the legacy media melted down in 2016 when Donald Trump won the Presidency.

They spent the next four years pushing Democrat conspiracies and lies in an effort to remove Trump from office.

But Bill Clinton’s former top advisor just revealed one brutal truth about Donald Trump and the corporate-controlled media.

James Carville was the political strategy mastermind who somehow put Bill Clinton in the White House in 1992 despite numerous sexual misconduct allegations and scandals, and currently works as a Democrat consultant and political commentator.

During Clinton’s first White House run, Carville coined the now infamous phrase, “it’s the economy, stupid,” as he repeated it religiously to staffers, and even Clinton himself, to keep the campaign on message at all times.

He recently appeared on RINO political commentator Bill Kristol’s podcast, Conversations with Bill Kristol, to discuss current events and the 2024 Presidential race.

When Kristol asked Carville about Trump, he boldly declared that “he is done,” and it won’t be long “before he goes to jail.”

“He is done,” Carville declared. “After all this obsession, of all these years of him occupying the front part of your mind, when you think about it, you just wonder how fast it’s going to be before he goes to jail. He’s not going to be the Republican nominee at all.”

Carville brought up Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and surprisingly suggested he “would be slightly overrated.”

“DeSantis, unlike a Bill Clinton or even a George W. Bush, he’s not a people person, and it’s well-documented,” Carville claimed. “And that counts in politics, particularly if you’re going to be out there for a long time and you have a lot of party leaders and things that you need for these primaries.”

Instead of Trump or DeSantis, Carville believes Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, and Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Tom Cotton (R-AR), and Josh Hawley (R-MO) are the most “underestimated” potential candidates.

The Democrat strategist also claimed – without any evidence, mind you – that “trust me, the Cruz, Hawley, Cotton tripartite pack – they don’t like DeSantis.”

But Carville did reveal one truth about Trump that the corporate-controlled media refuses to admit – the former President massively boosted their ratings.

“Trump was good for business,” Carville admitted. “He kept everybody on cable TV, everybody had a column they could write, and everybody could start an organization.”

Carville makes a good point about Trump being good for the political and legacy media establishment’s business.

During Trump’s last month in office, CNN was the top rated cable news channel, topping Fox News for the first time in 20 years.

But CNN’s ratings dropped 44% during the first week of Joe Biden’s Presidency and have only gotten worse.

Trump always said that even though the corporate-controlled media attacked and smeared him, they needed him to attract viewers and survive.

James Carville echoed Trump, telling Kristol that “there’s a lot of interest in keeping Trump around” among members of the legacy media.

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