Biden’s radical agenda makes Obama’s eight years look mild and here’s why

There is no doubt the agenda being pushed by Biden and the Democrat Party is a radical one.

The causes being championed by the Left are ones never seen before, and most are doing great harm to the very fabric of the nation.

Suffice it to say, Biden’s radical agenda makes Obama’s eight years look mild for this reason.

Republican Representative Kevin Brady of Texas says that the Democratic agenda “is much more dangerous and extreme than under President Obama.”

That’s a pretty big statement given many of the radical leftist policies Obama put in place during his eight years in office.

Brady says ideas like ending the Senate filibuster, dismantling the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, and cutting funding to law enforcement represent a “dramatic destruction of entities and institutions that frankly have created a balance of power and checks and balances for our entire history.”

And, he’s right.

If it’s up to Biden and the Dems, any system of checks and balances will be done away with giving them ultimate power.

The Congressman also pointed to the post-2020 Democratic Party pushing to expand the “welfare state” in the U.S. in order to “hook more people into another generation of dependency.”

It’s all very communist-esque.

Make the people believe they need the government and can’t live without the government, and the Democrats win.

Sure, they’ll give everyone some “free” money and stuff for a while, but eventually, that will all collapse, and the American people will be left with nothing and no government to help them.

Along with erasing genders, instilling fear over a virus that’s 99.8% survivable for most, and instituting tyrannical lockdowns, one has to argue that Obama’s got nothing on Biden.

Congressman Brady also stated that he believes the proposals Democrats are pushing threaten “the freedoms and the future of the country.”

The Right is in a battle of epic proportions right now, and if they don’t start pushing back soon, Americans could lose almost all of the freedoms they so cherish.

This is no longer a game to the Democrats – they are out to win at any cost.

The Left will stop at nothing to destroy this country.

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