Biden’s latest America Last move will disgust you

Joe Biden ran on competence and a return to normalcy.

The regime is turning into an epic catastrophe for Americans.

And now Biden’s latest America Last move will disgust you.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan is turning into an unprecedented debacle in American history.

The images are horrifying as chaos descends on the country.

Joe Biden was asleep at the wheel as the situation collapsed at breakneck pace.

The regime has no plan in place as this turns into the modern day fall of Saigon.

Now his actions there are literally putting Americans last.

With an estimated ten to twenty thousand Americans still left in the country, Biden isn’t prioritizing the evacuation of Americans.

Pentagon spokesman Jack Kirby said “It’s not going to be just Americans first.”

The administration is taking Afghans who have a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) with no priority to Americans.

The regime is considering fast-tracking 30,000 Afghan nationals into the country bypassing the usual immigration protocol.

With only one airport in the capital and Kabul not under Taliban control, Americans are being left behind as a logjam of evacuees builds.

Terrifying for the Americans who are left behind is that the Biden regime has no official evacuation plan in place.

State and Pentagon officials admitted to Senate staffers that there’s no plan to recover trapped Americans.

With only a small section of Kabul not under Taliban control, potentially thousands of Americans are trapped behind enemy lines.

The State Department offered horrifying advice to those trapped to simply shelter in place.

As the Biden regime is flailing, thankfully, others are stepping up.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton set up a hotline for trapped Americans to contact about getting to safety after not getting any clear communication from the regime.

The situation is even more shocking considering that the Biden regime had intelligence that the swift collapse of the Afghan government was possible.

This situation is just another example of Biden’s total failure in handling the Afghan withdrawal.

With Americans in harm’s way this debacle could sink the already collapsing Biden regime into Jimmy Carter territory.

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