Biden’s border crisis just took a frightening turn for the worse after this arrest

Joe Biden’s handling of the border has been an absolute disaster.

He reversed Donald Trump’s effective immigration policies without rhyme or reason.

Now Biden’s border crisis just took a frightening turn for the worse after this arrest.

Border Patrol recently announced that they caught a suspected terrorist attempting to enter the United States at the southern border.

Many have warned that America’s porous border would lead to nefarious characters entering the country.

Migrants are not only coming from Mexico and Central America, but from all over the globe.

Townhall reports:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a statement to Fox News they deleted a tweet sent from the Yuma Sector chief about a potential terrorist caught illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border because the tweet contained “sensitive info.”

As Townhall previously reported, Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Chris Clem announced agents had arrested an illegal immigrant who appeared to be from Saudi Arabia last week who may be a “potential terrorist” due to being “linked to several Yemeni subjects of interest.”

CBP further said Clem’s tweet had “violated protocols.”

Border patrol is being tight-lipped about the suspect, but this is not an isolated incident.

Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales said that he was alerted by border patrol that officials apprehended multiple terror suspects.

There is absolutely no strategic advantage to having a porous border, but that is seemingly what the Democrats want.

The establishment wants unfettered illegal immigration into the country because of the cheap labor that competes with American workers, and the first-generation voters who often pull the lever for the Democrats 80% of the time.

While immigrant voting patterns tend to even out over succeeding generations, the Democrats are making assimilation incredibly difficult by encouraging massive waves of migration into the country.

Crime – and even terrorism – is a consequence of that bone-headed policy decision.

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