Biden could plunge the U.S. into war with one dangerous statement

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a failure on multiple fronts.

He has been particularly bad on foreign policy.

And Biden could plunge the U.S. into war with one dangerous statement.

Joe Biden lost the confidence of the American people when he botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden delayed Donald Trump’s planned exit strategy, then carried out a disorganized withdrawal that led to hundreds of Americans being stranded and 13 Marines dead.

Now Biden is tickling the bellies of the neocon and neoliberal foreign policy establishment that never grow tired of endless wars.

Biden signaled that he wants to escalate tensions with Russia over a border dispute between them and Ukraine. reports:

“On Sunday, President Biden spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and vowed that the US and its allies would ‘respond decisively’ if Russia invades Ukraine. Since about November, the US has been claiming Russia is plotting to invade Ukraine. Moscow denies the accusation, and at this point, it’s clear that Russia has no intention of invading as Russian President Vladimir Putin has been pushing for talks with the US and NATO. The call with Zelensky came a few days after Biden spoke with Putin. A day after talking with Putin, Biden said he warned the Russian leader of ‘severe sanctions’ and that the US could expand its military presence in Europe if Russia moves into Ukraine.”

Some U.S. officials are even pushing for American intervention.

Tucker Carlson recently had Congressman Mike Turner of Ohio on his show and asked him why it was in America’s best interest to escalate tensions with a nuclear power over a land dispute thousands of miles away.

Turner responded:

“Ukraine is a strategic import of the Black Sea, most of the reports that you’ve been seeing of Russia being aggressive with our ships, being aggressive with our planes, are in the area of the Black Sea, which is an important area for us and our NATO allies . . . We’ve not asked anybody to go to war with Russia or to send troops to Russia for Ukraine for the purposes of going to war with Russia, but it is incredibly important that they be providing lethal weapons, that they be providing intelligence.”

In reality, European NATO members want America to play world police in order to put the economic squeeze on Russia over energy prices.

Escalation with Russia makes no sense, and Biden is playing with fire by doing so.

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