Ben Shapiro just slammed Democrat voter polls that showed this outrageous result

Democrats continue to blame Donald Trump for everything bad in the world, even though he’s been out of office for over a month now.

As if it’s not enough to attack a man who is no longer in office, the liberal Left now has their sights set on Trump’s supporters.

But Ben Shapiro just slammed Democrat voter polls that showed this outrageous result.

A recent poll showed that the top concern among Democrats right now is “Trump Supporters.”

Not the economy, immigration, or even climate change, which seems to be high on their list of nonsense issues.

Nope, Democrats are most concerned about their fellow Americans that support Donald Trump.

The same poll showed the top concern among Republicans right now is illegal immigration, which would make sense since Biden opened the border allowing hundreds of dangerous aliens to enter the country illegally.

But, Democrats, in their continued nonsensical ways, fear Trump supporters the most.

Well, Ben Shapiro isn’t having it – any of it.

Shapiro, a conservative commentator, tweeted out the poll results and said, “Republicans’ top concerns: policy. Democrats’ top concerns: Republicans, rooted in slanderous notions about Republicans.”

The poll results were from Echelon Insights, a polling company headed by Kristen Soltis Anderson, who is a contributor to the Washington Examiner.

Other concerns for Republicans were things like high taxes, the country’s moral decline, and election fraud.

Democrat’s top three concerns were Trump supporters, white nationalism, and systemic racism.

The poll was conducted after January’s riot at the Capitol.

Democrats continue to play the fear card and insist that those who support Donald Trump are the root of all evil.

Polls like the one done by Echelon show just how skewed the Left’s priorities are and why the conservative Right must stand up to them.

There is no doubt that given the time and resources, the Left will silence the conservative movement if the Right does not act quickly.

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