Barack Obama made one announcement that proved Democrats are in panic mode

Democrats are fighting to keep their razor-thin majorities in November’s Midterm elections.

They’re getting nervous about their chances.

And Barack Obama made one announcement that proved Democrats are in panic mode.

The bad news is piling up for Democrats as campaign season comes down the homestretch.

Republicans only need to flip one seat in the Senate and five seats in the House to retake control of Congress.

Democrats are panicking about turnout in key battleground states ahead of next week’s Midterm elections.

Enthusiasm to vote from key parts of the Democrat base, like black and Hispanic voters – is plunging after two disastrous years by President Joe Biden.

With their Congressional majorities on the line, Democrats are hitting the panic button in the final week before the election.

Former President Barack Obama is trying to ride to the rescue by holding rallies for Democrat candidates in crucial battleground states.

Obama is headed to Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and Pennsylvania to fire up Democrat’s radical left-wing base in the lead up to Election Day.

All four states are home to key battleground Senate races that will determine which party controls the Senate after the Midterms.

In all four states, Republican Senate candidates appear to have the momentum heading into Election Day, and are even leading in some polls.

With President Joe Biden sporting an approval rating deeply underwater in key battleground states, Democrats are hoping Obama can regain some of his old campaign magic.

“He’s probably a better ambassador for swing-state Democrats than Biden is, since he’s more popular – especially in the competitive states – and less tied to the current issues on voters’ minds,” Inside Elections’ analyst Jacob Rubashkin said. “He’s also a more natural campaigner.”

Democrat candidates in swing states across the country have been trying to keep President Biden at arm’s length.

Biden has kept a low profile on the campaign trail this year reserving most of his appearances for deep blue states.

Obama plans to hit Michigan along the way to stump for the state’s embattled Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Voter turnout in Midterm elections drop off from Presidential years, so Democrats are hoping Barack Obama can excite key parts of their base.

Democrat insiders are worried about turnout by black, Hispanic, and younger voters, demographics that Obama did historically well with during both of his Presidential runs.

“President Obama remains able to unite base Democrats, persuadable voters, and to motivate demographics less likely to turn out in Midterm elections, like young people,” Ben LaBolt a former spokesman for Obama’s 2012 campaign said.

In the crucial Senate battleground state of Georgia, Democrats are hoping that Obama can turnout black voters in the race between incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and Republican Herschel Walker.

“African-American voters are going to be crucial to Democrats’ chances,” Emory political science professor Andra Gillespie said. “Bringing in President Obama helps to underscore the importance of African-American vote, while also exciting other voters.”

While Democrats may hope Barack Obama saves them, in Virginia’s Gubernatorial race last year, his appearance didn’t stop Republicans from winning a statewide race in the Commonwealth for the first time in a decade.

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