Barack Obama had one announcement about the 2024 election that has all hell breaking loose

Barack Obama is not content to sit on the sidelines.

Not when polls show Donald Trump is planning to run for President again in 2024. 

And Barack Obama had one announcement about the 2024 election that has all hell breaking loose.

Earlier this month at a conference at the University of Chicago, Obama declared it his new mission in life to see the government enact regulations on social media companies that imposed further censorship in so-called “misinformation.”

“I think it is reasonable for us as a society to have a debate and then put in place a combination of regulatory measures and industry norms that leave intact the opportunity for these platforms to make money,” Obama stated. “But say to them that there’s certain practices you engage in that we don’t think are good for society.”

Of course, Obama does not mean social media companies should crack down on lies like the one Obama told to pass ObamaCare that “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”

Even left-wing Politifact rated that the lie of the year in 2013.

What Obama meant by “misinformation” is any conservative speech that questions liberal dogma.

Obama prepared to lay out the ground rules for his new censorship regime in a speech at Stanford University.

Prior to the speech, Obama fired off a series of tweets announcing that the Obama Foundation was not all-in on censoring the Internet.

“In recent years, we’ve seen how quickly disinformation spreads, especially on social media. This has created real challenges for our democracy,” Obama wrote.

Obama then added that the Obama Foundation would create tools that would make censorship easier.

“Part of the reason it’s hard to bring about change is because we live in a media environment that elevates falsehoods as much as truths, and divides people as much as it brings them together. Through the @ObamaFoundation, we’re working to empower and equip emerging leaders to tackle issues like the spread of disinformation,” Obama added.

If there was any doubt Obama’s goal was to censor the Internet and suppress free speech, Obama included a reading list of articles that included a piece praising the social media platform Pinterest from taking down so-called “climate change” misinformation, which meant censoring any posts that questioned the liberal dogma about the world facing an alleged “crisis” and that imposing socialism was the only solution.

Democrats are looking at polls showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in a 2024 rematch.

Leftists also know censorship helped rig the 2020 election in Joe Biden’s favor when Big Tech suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Now Barack Obama plans to double and triple down on Internet censorship in 2024 with polls showing Trump poised for a comeback victory.

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