Barack Obama declared war on this black Republican with a disgusting attack you won’t believe

Democrats like Barack Obama believe they are entitled to black voters.

Any black American who disagrees with them is the enemy in their eyes.

And Barack Obama declared war on this black Republican with a disgusting attack you won’t believe.

Larry Elder could be just days away from becoming California’s first black governor. One would think that the identity politics-obsessed Left would be ecstatic.

But there’s one big problem with Elder to them: He’s a Republican who is well known for challenging their agenda.

Elder is a radio host who doesn’t pull any punches calling out left-wing lies on things like white privilege, systemic racism, and countless other issues.

And there is polling showing that he has a good chance of beating the state’s Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom, in the upcoming September 14th recall election.

His growing support is terrifying Democrats, with their allies in Hollywood lining up to oppose him.

But their biggest celebrity yet to come in opposition to Elder is Barack Obama.

The former president appears in an ad supporting Newsom, and while it doesn’t mention Elder by name, it does show a photo of Elder, standing together with Donald Trump, as Obama accuses Republicans of trying to “overturn common sense COVID safety measures for health care workers and school staff.”

“Your vote could be the difference between protecting our kids and putting them at risk, helping Californians recover or taking us backward,” Obama continues.

Elder responded to the ad this week while speaking to reporters.

He stated that it is proof that Democrats are “scared to death” that Newsom could be ousted.

“They know they are in trouble,” Elder said. “They know that Gavin Newsom can’t defend his record on crime. They know he can’t defend his record on how he ignored science and imposed all sorts of mandates that he didn’t abide by himself. They know that he is unpopular.”

Democrats have been going all-out to lie about Elder in recent weeks.

He has been called “the black face of white supremacy” among other ridiculously false names.

At a campaign stop this week he was attacked, with a white woman in a gorilla mask throwing an egg at him, narrowly missing his head.

She then assaulted a member of his campaign staff. Democrats are clearly terrified of Larry Elder.

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