Anthony Fauci was furious after a blue state Governor made this jaw-dropping move

Anthony Fauci doesn’t want his pandemic power grab to ever end.

But the American people are ready to move on.

And he was furious after a blue state Governor made this jaw-dropping move.

Anthony Fauci loves the spotlight the pandemic brought him.

He’s telling Americans what they can and can’t do for the holidays under the guise of public health.

With seasonal increases in COVID, blue states aren’t letting a crisis go to waste bringing back tyrannical COVID restrictions.

Colorado is a state that Joe Biden easily carried in the last election and is dominated by Democrats.

Their Democrat Governor Jared Polis has been a reliable leftist in office.

With cases increasing in the state, the so-called “public health experts” began pressuring him to bring back a mask mandate.

But he made a startling move for a Democrat.

He refused to use his power to bring back a statewide mask mandate and questioned their effectiveness.

He said, “New Mexico has had a mask-wearing requirement, really, for the past couple of months statewide, and the state seems to be in about the same place we are in regard to infection rates . . . It’s easy to say wearing a mask will protect you, but harder to figure out what a mask order does in different areas and what impact that might have.”

Coloradans’ patience for masks was “wearing thin” according to Polis.

New Mexico, Colorado’s neighbor to the south, has had some of the most draconian COVID restrictions in the country, including indoor mask mandates for nearly the entire pandemic.

The radical Left in the state attacked Polis, demanding renewed lockdowns and vaccine passports on top of a new mask mandate.

In a startling victory for common sense, Polis looked at the effectiveness of masks and concluded it wouldn’t help.

The corporate-controlled media has been waging war against Ron DeSantis for similar data-driven decisions on masks.

Polis becomes the latest Democrat Governor to push back against the Fauci narrative.

In Kansas, Democrat Governor Laura Kelly signed a bill banning the Biden vaccine mandates in the state.

With Democrats starting to break with the Fauci-led restrictions, this could be a sign that the country is turning the corner in the fight to return to normalcy.

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