Another American institution has been irredeemably corrupted with one radical left-wing idea

The “woke” takeover of America is happening faster than anyone thought.

Extreme ideological positions have seeped into the mainstream.

And another American institution has been irredeemably corrupted with one radical left-wing idea.

Radical leftists combined with postmodernist French intellectuals have been attempting to control language since the 1960s.

Now their decades-long project is succeeding at a frightening pace.

One of the main ideas the Left is pushing is the obliteration between man and woman.

Their goal in achieving this is perverting language where biological sex becomes meaningless.

In the funhouse mirror view of the “woke,” women can impregnate men, and they say such things with the utmost solemnity.

Now the American Medical Association (AMA) drafted a resolution to remove biological sex from birth certificates.

The AMA’s Board of Trustees wrote:

“Today, the majority of states (48) and the District of Columbia allow people to amend their sex designation on their birth certificate to reflect their individual gender identities, but only 10 states allow for a gender-neutral designation, typically “X,” on the birth certificate. Existing AMA policy recognizes that every individual has the right to determine their gender identity and sex designation on government documents. To protect individual privacy and to prevent discrimination, U.S. jurisdictions should remove sex designation on the birth certificate. Our American Medical Association will advocate for the removal of sex as a legal designation on the public portion of the birth certificate . . .”

This is where the Left is expending copious amounts of energy, challenging biological reality itself.

The radical shift in sex differences is currently playing out in the world of sports.

Male-to-female transgender competitors are joining girl’s and women’s sports and dominating in many instances.

Radical feminists now commonly find themselves in league with conservatives because they’re the only ones willing to take up their cause against the unhinged transgender activists.

A mother who was concerned about transgender propaganda that had captured her daughter’s mind begged several liberal organizations to hold a panel discussion on the topic.

All of them turned her down.

Out of desperation, she turned to the Heritage Foundation.

Progressives have gone too far when their only allies are pro-life conservatives.

The madness won’t stop until liberals who agree with the Right begin to speak up and push back against the rabid activists.

Otherwise, there’s no telling how far the Left is willing to go with radical transgender ideology.

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