Americans delivered a message to Joe Biden that was the last thing he ever wanted to hear

President Joe Biden has lost a step.

As more and more crises mount and his gaffes continue to get more and more severe, people are losing confidence in Biden’s abilities to lead our country and the free world.

And Americans delivered a message to Joe Biden that was the last thing he ever wanted to hear.

Undoubtedly, defenders of the President will claim this is another junk partisan poll put out by Republicans to make Biden look bad.

Unfortunately for them, the poll was conducted by Harvard-Harris – as in Harvard University – which is pretty much the furthest thing from a pro-Republican poll as one can find.

According to the poll, 53% of registered voters expressed doubts about the President’s mental fitness.

A deeper dive into the numbers show that 83% of Republicans, 61% of independents, and even 19% of Democrats feel the same way about the President’s cognitive abilities.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, 62% of registered voters said Biden is acting like he’s too old to be President.

Further analysis shows that 88% of Republicans, 72% of independents, and a whopping 29% of Democrats think that Joe is too old to be in office.

And along demographic lines, 57% of Hispanic voters, 55% of black voters, and 67% of white voters feel this way about the President.

No matter how you look at it, this is not a good poll for Joe Biden and the Democrats, especially right before heading into a Midterm Election.

Unquestionably, one of the factors that is fueling these bad poll numbers has been the White House’s constant walking back of the President’s comments and statements.

Some of the more notable and recent examples of statements the White House “clarified” include the President’s comments about defending Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, and when he stated that Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

And as Biden’s approval rating continues to sink, his frustrations with White House staff have continued to grow.

So much so that sources close to the White House told NBC News that Biden may fire many staffers including his Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

Another factor that may be fueling these dismal poll numbers is the very real pain Americans are experiencing right now.

Inflation continues to skyrocket, as do gas and grocery prices, which was only amplified over the Memorial Day weekend, and Biden’s only answer for it is to trust the Federal Reserve.

We may never truly know what is dragging down Biden’s poll numbers, but what is clear is that there is a crisis of confidence building in America, and it all goes back to Joe Biden.

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