All hell is breaking loose after Joe Biden heard this stunning news about Kamala Harris

Joe Biden’s regime is sinking like a brick less than a year into his rule.

Democrats are at each other’s throats fighting over his agenda.

And now all hell is breaking loose after Joe Biden heard this stunning news about Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris came into office with seemingly a more prominent role than a typical Vice President.

Biden promoted her as a partner rather than a behind the scenes second in command. 

The regime asked the press to refer to them as the “Biden-Harris Administration.”

Joe quickly tasked her with tackling challenges such as the border crisis and pushing for the Democrat’s election-rigging bill.

But those days may be over as she failed spectacularly on both tasks as the regime started to crash and burn.

Both their approval ratings plummeted to levels not seen by Democrats since Jimmy Carter.

With Biden in total collapse it now appears that it’s every man for himself.

After appearing at thirty-eight events with Biden in February, in the months of September and October Harris has only done one joint event with him.

This marks a steady decline in public appearances and events for the duo since the regime took power in January.

Cracks are starting to form in the Biden-Harris relationship, with Kamala clearly unhappy in her role.

An anonymous former advisor to Harris said that she was fuming about not being assigned any “all-star portfolio,” and that a lack of trust is developing between the two.

The regime disputed this claim but the decline in events and joint appearances speak for themselves.

This comes after Kamala pulled back from the public eye to try to rebrand herself with the help of former Clinton and Obama insiders.

With her political future in danger after historically bad polling for a Vice President, she can’t afford any more damage to her tattered reputation.

Distancing herself from Biden could be damage control to protect her inside track on the next Democrat Presidential nomination. 

With Democrats’ infighting in Congress over his agenda, a rift with his Vice President is a headache that Joe Biden can’t afford.

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