All hell broke loose after John Fetterman hit Democrats with this reality check about so-called “progressives”

Photo by The Office of Governor Tom Wolf, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Democrats went to great lengths to prop up John Fetterman’s U.S. Senate campaign as they believed he would fall in line with their entire woke extremist agenda.

As it turns out, while he’s certainly in lockstep with them on many issues, he’s making a major departure from the Democrat Party line on one key crisis. 

And all hell broke loose after John Fetterman hit Democrats with this reality check about so-called “progressives.”

As a long-time supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and his socialist policies, Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) is nowhere close to being a “moderate.”

In fact, on most every issue, he’s right in line with many of the most notorious woke extremists, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist-NY) and the “Squad.”

But Fetterman has begun distancing himself from Democrats on one key issue – the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist organization known as Hamas.

Unlike his fellow Democrats, Senator Fetterman has repeatedly described himself as strongly “pro-Israel,” and he certainly strides toward proving it.

“Demand Hamas to surrender,” Fetterman wrote on X in March amidst his fellow Democrats’ demand for Israel to stop defending itself from the Palestinian terrorist organization. “Demand release of every hostage. Demand to seize billions of dollars Hamas stole from Gaza. Demand those stolen billions to rebuild Gaza and compensate true victims- Israelis and Palestinians. Demand Hamas eliminated or permanently exiled.”

Additionally, in an interview with Fox News in March, Fetterman said that while he is “very pro-immigration,” Democrats’ open borders agenda has gone way too far as he called for a “secure border.”

“When you start just following the numbers that are coming again and then when you’ve reached 200,000 or 250,000 folks that are encountered at the border — I mean that’s astonishing,” he said. “And then just putting that in the context of Pennsylvania, I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness, that’s nearly the size of Pittsburgh,’ and that’s our second-largest city.”

“You can be very pro-immigration, but also demand and require that we have a secure border there as well too,” he added. “I don’t know why that’s really controversial for a Democrat or any American to be pro-immigration.”

He also recently found himself in a feud with the aforementioned Rep. Ocasio-Cortez over the way she handled herself in a separate argument with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) during a recent Congressional hearing.

On Wednesday, Senator Fetterman appeared for an interview on CNN’s Dana Bash in which he discussed his ongoing dispute with his fellow Democrats.

“Some progressives have criticized you for being a different Senator than you suggested you would be when you were a candidate for Senate, what do you say to that?” Bash asked Fetterman.

“Well, I wasn’t,” Fetterman responded.

He then proceeded to proclaim that he is “not a progressive.”

“I was very clear in saying that for years, I’m not a progressive and I just identified myself as just a regular Democrat, so it really wasn’t any new news,” Fetterman explained to Bash.

The Pennsylvania Senator went on to say that while he previously identified as a progressive, “the situation’s changed,” causing the label to move so far to the extreme Left that it even left a pro-socialism Democrat like himself behind.

“Now, eight years ago, I was a progressive, but the situation’s changed and I‘ve been very clear that I didn‘t leave that label,” he said. “That label left me and I think it’s much more important to be focusing on Donald Trump instead of you know, kinds of purity tests and those kinds of issues.”

Pennsylvania is one of the top-six battleground states many believe will ultimately decide November’s Presidential election.

Whoever wins Pennsylvania will have a major advantage in the race.

And John Fetterman’s ongoing feud with his fellow Democrats is creating a headache for Joe Biden this fall.