Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was fuming after an expert gave her this devastating reality check

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likes to think she’s the smartest person in every room.

She never expected this move to backfire.

Now she’s fuming after an expert gave her this devastating reality check.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is the leader of the environmental wackos that have taken control of the Democrat Party.

She’s a fanatic trying to ban fossil fuels in favor of powering the country with green pipedreams like wind, solar, and rainbows.

This push for green energy has resulted in the closure of plants creating reliable power from coal, nuclear, and natural gas.

In its place, the electrical grid has increasingly relied on unreliable, not ready for primetime sources of energy, like wind and solar.

This foolhardy transition has put the electrical grid under an increasing level of strain, leading power companies to warn of imminent blackouts this summer.

And Daniel Turner, founder and executive director at Power the Future, is sounding the alarm about the threat of looming electrical shortages.

In an appearance on Fox News, Turner warned that America is in danger from the rush to switch to green energy.

“I think the entire country is incredibly vulnerable, because the entire country is facing a huge energy shortage and I don’t think there is any place that is truly safe,” Turner warned.

“The areas of the country I’d be most concerned about are the ones that already have inherent weaknesses,” Turner said. “Texas, California, New Mexico, New York, all of New England. These are areas whose policies and political decisions have weakened their electric grid.”

Turner explained that political decisions to push green energy have left those states dependent on unreliable forms of power like wind and solar.

With the demand for energy soaring during a hot summer, green energy can’t keep pace.

Wind and solar are dependent on factors outside human control – if there’s not enough sun or wind to produce electricity, you have no electricity.

Turner said that the green energy push is a mistake by government.

“If you look at any country worldwide, or any state in America, that has pushed green energy mandates by government action, not one of them has been successful,” he argued. “And you can measure that on multiple levels of success, in terms of what they’ve actually purported to or claim that they would produce in terms of electricity, reliability, cost. In terms of actual construction, or cost to the consumers.”

The idea that green energy is actually green is also a lie, according to Turner.

“The notion that they have baptized themselves as green is a joke,” he explained. “They use more fossil fuels in the production, installation, and then the redundancies of wind and solar than if they just burn those fossil fuels directly to make electricity. So the idea that they’re green is just purely a lie.”

“It just amazes me that we look at this, we look at all the data, and politicians are still hell-bent on pushing renewable energy when it’s proven to be nothing but a failure,” he added.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s green schemes have left the country on the brink of a major disaster this summer. 

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