After months of slamming the filibuster Joe Biden had this to say about it during a recent town hall

Americans have heard more about the filibuster in the last few months than they probably ever wanted to.

Once lovers of the filibuster, many Democrats are now crying racism and calling it a relic that must be reformed.

But after months of slamming the filibuster, Joe Biden had this to say about it during a recent town hall.

During a CNN town hall on Wednesday, Biden was asked by Don Lemon whether protecting the filibuster was more important than protecting and expanding voting rights.

Much to the surprise of many, Biden responded, “No. It’s not.”

For months Biden has called the filibuster a “relic of the Jim Crow era” and championed the cause of doing away with it, but now it appears he’s changed his mind.

Or maybe it’s gone back to his old habits, given he did at one time support the filibuster and didn’t change his tune until he became President.

Biden went on to say that he was confident Congress could pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and For the People Act without axing the filibuster.

“I’m trying to bring the country together. And I don’t want the debate to only be about whether or not we have a filibuster or exceptions to the filibuster or going back to the way the filibuster had to be used before,” Biden continued.

Just four months ago, Biden said he agreed with his former boss, Barack Obama, that the filibuster was in desperate need of reform.

When pressed by Don Lemon during the Wednesday event, Biden did repeat the claim that the filibuster is “a relic of the Jim Crow era.” Still, he argued that he’d rather work on passing a legislative agenda than giving Republicans an excuse to focus on the filibuster.

Progressives have ramped up demands to abolish the filibuster in recent weeks after Senate Republicans blocked consideration of the For The People Act after Democrats failed to secure the necessary 60 votes.

Joe Biden’s mental faculties are declining in front of America’s eyes, and his continued flip-flopping on issues is a sure sign he’s not stable.

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