Actor Levar Burton has given cancel culture an awful new name

Everyone knows that if you say remotely anything that goes against the leftist viewpoint, getting “canceled” is soon to follow.

Hardworking, upstanding Americans have their reputation smeared all the time by the self-righteous woke mob.

Now actor Levar Burton has proven to be one of the mob and he gave cancel culture an awful new name.

Levar Burton is one Hollywood name that is known among all American households. He has appeared on Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

However, he has recently proven to not be the hero many might have seen him as from his past roles.

Just days ago Burton went on The View and Meghan McCain asked him how he felt about Dr. Seuss’ books being removed from shelves due to their alleged “racist” topics and the cancel culture that surrounds everything today.

Burton surprised viewers when he attempted to rename it, saying, “I think it’s misnamed . . . That’s a misnomer. I think we have a ‘consequence culture,’ and that consequences are finally encompassing everybody in this society, whereas they haven’t been ever in this country . . . I think it has everything to do with a new awareness by people who were simply unaware of the real nature of life in this country for people who have been othered since this nation began.”

You can watch Burton’s full statement below:

He misses the mark completely.

It is pretty bold for him to bring up “othered” people groups when the Left he is a part of has used “marginalized” people as their poster child for decades, taking advantage of their race, sex, or heritage.

It has also since been proven that even if you can check off all those boxes, if you call out the Left’s narrative, you can still suffer from being cancelled.

Levar even said that the “consequences” are “good signs that are happening in the culture right now.”

Many on the Left are saying that Levar Burton “owned” Meghan McCain with his response, when really he just exposes how ridiculous the liberal mind games are.

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