A woke school district just forced one math teacher to resign for this outrageous reason

The radical Left is taking over public schools.

The problem has finally become too big to ignore.

Now a “woke” school district just forced one math teacher to resign.

The fight over the neo-Marxist philosophy of Critical Race Theory is heating up.

Both parents and teachers across the country are pushing back against CRT.

Leftist school boards and administrators are fighting tooth and nail to implement CRT nonsense, and teachers who aren’t on board are being squeezed.

A teacher named Laura Morris in Loudoun County gave a tear-filled resignation due to the board’s insistence on teaching CRT, and a teacher in Kansas made the same decision.

Josiah Enyart of the Shawnee Mission School District quit amid pushes for CRT and mask mandates for the unvaccinated.

Enyart said during an interview:

“It’s all Critical Race Theory stuff . . . That was kind of the start where I realized, they’re really trying to bring this in and make it something . . . I can’t believe the lack of transparency with curriculums, teacher trainings, in class activities based on the trainings, and top-down regulations used as indoctrination tools . . .”

Democrats first tried to pretend as if CRT wasn’t being taught in schools, then they pivoted to yes, it is being taught, but it’s simply the teaching of “real history.”

This is utter nonsense.

CRT is a radical ideology that explicitly wants to undermine society in a quest for equity, i.e. Marxist equality of outcome.

CRT has nothing to do with teaching history – it’s a framework for creating activists, as are all other critical theories being cooked up in some ghastly university department.

Enyart continued:

“As a teacher, I can see these things, but after talking to hundreds of parents, they can’t. Why wouldn’t the public school system want the parents to know everything that their child is being exposed to? Why aren’t the parents being asked before these decisions are being made? And when they do, why do the board decisions not match the data on the surveys? As a district that prides itself on being ‘data driven,’ they do not seem to be following any real data on any of the issues.”

The push to indoctrinate kids is truly disturbing.

Worse yet, they’re getting a substandard education.

Enyart made the chilling revelation that “what a 12th grader has to know and get done to graduate is what a 5th grader had to do 40 years ago.”

Not only are kids being indoctrinated, they’re being deliberately dumbed down.

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