A US military commander is exposing the truth about Biden’s destructive plans for a communist America

Communism has found favor in the eyes of the Democrat Party for decades, and they’re trying to bring it here to the States.

But the Party establishment has spent just as much time trying to keep this a secret.

Now one US military commander is exposing the truth about Biden’s destructive plans for a communist America.

America is unique from the rest of the world in that its citizens enjoy the constitutional protection of free speech.

The government cannot stop what you say, think, believe, or who you associate with as long as no crimes are being committed.

However, citizens in many other countries around the world do not enjoy this freedom of speech.

Their governments are putting them behind bars for saying or believing things that go against what the governing authorities have told them.

If we have learned anything from history, the crackdown on free speech is always one of the first signs of a nation headed toward communism.

When Vladimir Lenin took control of Russia, creating the Soviet Union, heavy-handed restrictions on ideas, speech, and beliefs were put in place.

Now U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Steven Rogers is trying to warn the American people that Biden is doing exactly the same thing.

According to Rogers, Biden is paving the way to communism by purging so-called “extremism” in the U.S. military.

“This to me is dangerous and looks like a political litmus test, and it’s a road that you would only find in Communist China or in the former Soviet Union,” Lt. Comm. Rogers stated to NTD on Saturday.

Rogers further explains that if Biden is not stopped, the Left could start using the military as a political weapon against those who might question their doctrine.

“[The military] will become another arm of the government. I’m not talking about the U.S. government as we know it now, but a U.S. government Joe Biden, the socialists, the communists want to create in this country,” Lt. Comm. Rogers warned viewers.

Obviously, the new crackdown on “extremism” is going to be used specifically for Trump supporters and anyone who calls themself a conservative.

These new limitations on “extremism” have already impacted outspoken conservatives.

For example, Texas Army chaplain Maj. Andrew Calvert was put under investigation for stating the “extremist” belief that biological sex is real.

All of this came from a simple Facebook comment.

Lt. Comm. Rogers made the comparison of this kind of suppression to Communist China and the Soviet Union’s maneuvers to purge dissention by force:

“We all know that in Communist China and the former Soviet Union there were political offices attached to every unit, you just read something that is anti-government or criticized the Kremlin or criticized the Chinese Communist Party, you’re finished, you’re done.”

We already know Biden is under the impression that left-wing extremism does not exist.

After all, he was quick to call Antifa an “idea” during the presidential debates, dismissing the rioters who looted and burned American cities throughout the summer of 2020.

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