A top Trump official gave Merrick Garland a brutal reality check over the special counsel

Attorney General Merrick Garland is escalating his crusade against Donald Trump.

He thought appointing a special counsel would give him an edge.

And a top Trump official gave Merrick Garland a brutal reality check over the special counsel.

Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland is outsourcing his legal witch hunt against former President Donald Trump with the appointment of a special counsel to handle the investigation.

Garland appointed Jack Smith, a political hack from the Obama regime, to lead the Justice Department’s criminal investigation into the former President over January 6, and supposedly taking classified documents from the White House.

Smith served as a Justice Department official during former President Barack Obama’s regime and was implicated in the IRS targeting scandal against Tea Party groups ahead of the 2010 Midterm election spearheaded by former IRS official Lois Lerner.

The decision to bring forward criminal charges against Trump by the Biden Justice Department now falls in the hands of Smith.

Attorney General Garland claimed the move was in the “public’s interest” because of Trump’s recent decision to launch another campaign for the White House.

“Mr. Smith is the right choice to complete these matters in an even-handed and urgent manner,” Garland claimed. 

Matt Whitaker served as the acting Attorney General in the Trump administration.

During an appearance on Newsmax, he broke down the real reasons that Garland appointed a special counsel for the Trump investigation.

Whitaker explained that appointing a special counsel gives the Justice Department “cover” for the Trump investigation, allowing the Biden regime to maintain “political separation” from the probe.

“Based on what we’re learning more and more about him, it just appears to be a political hatchet man that ultimately is still going to be responsible to the Attorney General, and the Attorney General is still going to be in charge of this investigation,” Whitaker said of special counsel Jack Smith.

Smith’s work during the Obama regime saw one of his prosecutions against a potential 2012 GOP Presidential candidate get smacked down by a unanimous Supreme Court decision.

After a landslide victory in Virginia’s 2009 Gubernatorial race, former Republican Governor Bob McDonnell was considered a top contender to challenge then-President Obama in 2012.

Smith scored a dubious conviction against Governor McDonnell for public corruption that was later reversed by a unanimous Supreme Court decision.

With Smith leading the Trump investigation, his approach won’t change from Garland’s, according to Whitaker.

“He’s going to build a team that’s mostly going to be people that are already at the Department of Justice, and he’s going to use FBI agents that are already working on this case,” Whitaker predicted.

The special counsel allows the Attorney General to wash his hands of any potential charges against Trump and deny they were the result of political bias.

“So, while it’s not lipstick on a pig, it’s really just Merrick Garland using his sophistry to try to make it look like there’s an independence of the special counsel,” Whitaker said.

Merrick Garland’s attempt to portray the Justice Department as not politicized with the appointment of a special counsel is already crumbling. 

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