A top Republican candidate made one bold promise that left Joe Biden fuming

Joe Biden has inflicted one disaster after another on the country.

A conservative put his foot down.

Now a top Republican candidate made one bold promise that left Joe Biden fuming.

President Joe Biden’s radical open borders agenda has created the worst border crisis in American history.

A Biblical flood of illegal aliens and deadly drugs, like fentanyl, are pouring across the wide-open southern border.

While the country is grappling with the chaos created by President Biden, his regime is ignoring the disaster they created.

Vice President Kamala Harris, the Biden regime’s alleged “border czar,” recently declared “the border is secure” during an interview.

The Biden regime is encouraging an invasion at the border by rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens.

Republicans are fighting to retake control of Congress after November’s Midterm elections.

One America First conservative is already planning a major fight with President Biden over border security.

Ohio Republican Senate candidate JD Vance, who received Donald Trump’s endorsement, is running on rebuilding the strong border security the country enjoyed under the former President.

Vance is telling Congressional Republicans that they should use a potential GOP majority to force a fight with President Biden over the border wall.

He said funding the border wall is one of his top priorities, if he wins his Senate race on November 8.

According to Vance, Republicans should go on the offensive with a potential majority and block funding for portions of the government to get concessions from Biden on money for a border wall.

“Republicans, we need to have a fight over the border wall,” Vance told supporters at a recent campaign event in Ohio. “And we need to be willing to say to Joe Biden: ‘You don’t get another dime for your priorities unless you do your job and enforce and secure the southern border.’”

Vance said if he’s elected, he would seek $3 billion to finish portions of the wall started during Trump’s Presidency that were abandoned by the Biden regime.

When asked how he would achieve his goal of restarting construction on the wall, Vance said it’s all about Republicans’ “leverage.”

“We have to be willing to use the leverage that we will have with Congressional majorities to actually force Joe Biden to do some of the core functions of the federal government,” Vance said. “One of the things we have to be willing to do as Republicans is force the conversation on border security. It’s killing way too many people.”

Vance’s home state of Ohio is being decimated by fentanyl smuggled across the southern border under Joe Biden.

A potential Republican majority could set the stage for conservatives to secure a major victory for border security by funding the wall.

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