A top Obama advisor made one grim prediction that has Joe Biden panicking

Joe Biden’s Presidency is on the ropes.

He can’t afford to deal with any more problems. 

Now a top Obama advisor made one grim prediction that has Joe Biden panicking.

After being handed a gift-wrapped economic recovery from the pandemic by President Trump, the economy is in shambles under Joe Biden.

40-year highs in inflation and sky-high gas prices have the economy teetering on the verge of a major recession.

While everyone can clearly see the economy is a mess, the Biden regime tries to put a rosy spin on everything.

President Biden has tried to lie and deny his way out of every major economic problem, like claiming inflation is only temporary then pivoting to blaming Putin for it.

Inflation and gas prices have acted like a millstone, grinding away at Biden’s approval rating.

Now, a new prediction from one of former President Barack Obama’s top economic advisors revealed that Biden’s economic woes aren’t going away anytime soon. 

As his “car czar,” Steve Rattner oversaw the bailout of the auto industry under President Obama.

During the Biden Presidency, Rattner has been a relentless critic of the President for unleashing devastating inflation after going on a wasteful spending spree for pandemic relief.

Rattner predicted that high gas prices and high levels of inflation are going to continue to be a problem on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

“Look, we are in the strangest economy of my lifetime…“Rattner said. “We’ve never had a pandemic, a shutdown, a reopening like this – all of the government stimulus that went on, everything the Fed did – all at the same time.”

“And so, yes, the economy is behaving, to use a technical term, weirdly,” he continued.

While gas prices have dropped slightly from the record highs of just a few weeks ago, the price is still through the roof compared to when Joe Biden took office.

“In terms of the outlook, it’s — look, it’s hard to say,” Rattner conceded. “Oil prices — crude oil prices, which is obviously the most important ingredient in gasoline, seem to have stabilized, even gone up a little bit since they started — from their low point when they started dropping.”

“And so, yes, we’ll get some relief at the gas station, but it’s not going back to $3 or $3.50 any time soon,” he explained.

Even Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm admitted to CNN that $4 a gallon gas is here to stay for the near future.

“And you do have other prices that are continuing to rise,” Secretary Granholm admitted. “Prices for housing, prices for certain kinds of food, prices for manufactured goods that people are still buying are rising. And so, inflation is going, I think, to peak somewhere along here, but we’re obviously over 9%.”

“The question is, how far and how fast does it drop? And I don’t see it dropping down to anything like 2%, which is the Fed’s adamant goal, any time in the immediate or medium-term future, for that matter,” she concluded.

The biggest economic issues Joe Biden faces – gas prices and inflation – will simply continue to hammer away at his beleaguered Presidency. 

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