A top Fox News star had one piece of advice for Kevin McCarthy that no one saw coming

The new House Republican majority is getting down to business.

Republicans are facing a major decision.

A top Fox News star had one piece of advice for Kevin McCarthy that no one saw coming.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) authorized multiple probes into President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son, Hunter’s, shady foreign business dealings, his mishandling of classified documents, and the Biden border crisis, among others.

Speaker McCarthy tapped Congressman James Comer (R-KY) to lead the House Oversight Committee, which will serve as Ground Zero for the Biden probe.

On Fox News Special Report, Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume offered words of caution for Republicans.

Hume told Chairman Comer to stop giving TV interviews, and instead, dig into all the available documents against President Biden and only make public comments when he finds evidence of wrongdoing.

“They might want to think about Mr. Comer,” Hume began. “And it might be a good idea for him to get off television awhile, delve into the material here, and when he finds something, maybe tell us about it then.”

Hume warned that the corporate-controlled media is lying in wait to accuse Republicans of being partisan extremists to divert attention away from Biden’s scandals.

“So far what he’s doing basically is hyping these investigations,” Hume explained. “He runs the risk of appearing to be nothing but a partisan about it, which is something the Republicans can’t afford because when that starts to happen, the press will be all over these Republicans.”

Fox News’ Brett Baier asked Hume if the risk for Republicans was overpromising and under-delivering.

Hume agreed, explaining that Republicans always fight on an uneven playing field with Democrats during oversight hearings, due to the extreme bias in so-called “mainstream” media.

“That’s exactly right,” Hume added. “Of course, if they were Democrats, they could say whatever they want. Doesn’t matter. Look at Adam Schiff, for example. He spouted out all kinds of claims about what he was going to find on Donald Trump during the investigations of the election and the alleged Russia collusion. It turned out despite his claims, he never had any of it. But you know, he kept on straight up banners flying, press continued to listen to him.”

Whenever Republicans win a majority in Congress, the corporate-controlled media immediately warns about “overreach.”

The legacy media casts any hearings into a Democrat President’s scandals as partisan score settling, whereas Democrats’ witch hunts against Donald Trump were fact-finding investigations designed to discover the truth.

As a Washington veteran, Brit Hume has seen this movie play-out time and time again.

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