A Supreme Court case could alter the course of American’s Constitutional rights for good

For years now, the Left has tried to pick away at Constitutional rights.

With the way the world is today, it isn’t surprising anymore when they try to take these rights away from American citizens.

But now a Supreme Court case could alter the course of American’s Constitutional rights for good.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions encouraged President Trump to ban bump stocks through an executive order.

Sessions dreamed up the scheme after the 2017 massacre at a Las Vegas music festival when a madman reportedly used a firearm equipped with a bump stock.

From that incident, Sessions – and gun grabbers on the Left – began to argue that a bump stock transforms a firearm into a machine gun.

But the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals shot him down, deeming the ban on bump stocks entirely unconstitutional.

After that, a lower court claimed that the ban should be justified under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms using the “Chevron Deference.”

This deference claims that courts should defer to administrative agencies’ interpretation of a law.

However, 6th Circuit Court Judge Alice M. Batchelder did not see it that way and deemed the ban unconstitutional.

She also went on to say that because the ATF depended on criminal law to ban bump stocks, this was no ordinary case of administrative law.

“After finding that the ATF’s interpretation was entitled to Chevron deference, the district court held that the Final Rule’s classification of bump stocks as machine guns was ‘a permissible interpretation’ of § 5845(b). Accordingly, the court concluded that Plaintiffs-Appellants were unlikely to succeed on the merits and denied the preliminary injunction,” the Judge stated.

“Because an agency’s interpretation of a criminal statute is not entitled to Chevron deference and because the ATF’s Final Rule is not the best interpretation of § 5845(b), we REVERSE the district court’s judgment and REMAND for proceedings consistent with this opinion.”

Joe Biden must now make a decision on this matter.

The ban will go to the Supreme Court if his administration chooses to appeal.

And if the Biden administration does not appeal, then the bump stock ban will simply go away.

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