A struggling Democrat uttered one word about Biden that has party leaders panicking

Joe Biden is failing as President.

His administration has worsened several crises in only nine months.

And a struggling Democrat candidate uttered one word about Biden that has party leaders panicking.

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is sweating bullets.

McAuliffe is running again for Governor, and even though Virginia has been trending blue for years, McAuliffe has a narrowing lead against his Republican challenger.

And McAuliffe made matters worse when he said on a conference call that Joe Biden was “unpopular” in Virginia.

McAuliffe is trying to distance himself from Biden, who’s on a sinking ship at the moment.

His poll numbers are eroding with little sign of rebounding.

If Democrats want to be competitive in the midterms, they likely will not be leaning on Biden for support.

From Fox News:

“McAuliffe is facing Republican Glenn Youngkin, and recent polls suggest a close race. McAuliffe is seeking a second term after his first ended in 2018. Youngkin is a former business executive . . . Rachael Bade, a reporter for Politico, told ABC’s This Week that McAuliffe has been showing Democrats how to run and has ‘definitely been distancing himself’ from the president during the campaign.”

According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, Biden is underwater with voters on COVID, the economy, the border, foreign policy, and his own mental competence.

Biden has crammed four years worth of disaster into nine months.

If McAuliffe loses in Virginia, that could spell doom for the Democrats.

During a 2020 Congressional postmortem, moderate Democrats were at loggerheads with the progressive radicals.

Virginia Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger barely hung on to her seat amid concerns from her constituents about radical Left policies.

Spanberger said during the postmortem that Democrats should never talk about socialism and defunding the police ever again.

Virginia may be trending blue, but the state isn’t ready to go full-blown progressive, and neither is the country.

Democrats better keep a close eye on Virginia, because they could get wiped out in the midterms if McAuliffe loses.

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