A so-called “nonpartisan” group just went all in to back this struggling Democrat Governor

Donald Trump revealed the Left’s true colors.

Many leftists have simply abandoned the appearance of objectivity since his election victory in 2016.

Now a so-called “nonpartisan” group just went all in to back this struggling Democrat Governor.

Gavin Newsom is in deep trouble.

The California Governor is on the brink of getting recalled and potentially replaced by Republican Larry Elder.

But the ACLU is coming to save Newsom.

The supposedly “nonpartisan” civil rights group donated money to Newsom’s anti-recall effort.

The Newsom recall election shows the superficiality of the Left’s arguments.

Liberals are tripping over themselves to stop Elder from becoming the first black Governor of California.

In any other context, the Left would be promoting such a possibility as a sign of progress.

But Elder has the wrong politics, and that’s all the Left truly cares about.

They cynically use race, sex, sexuality, and other characteristics to cudgel their ideological opponents.

The ACLU once defended the rights of neo-Nazis to march through the heavily Jewish town of Skokie, Illinois.

The organization took a principled stance to defend the rights of a repugnant group, but now the ACLU won’t take on cases of people who use “transphobic” language.

Similar to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU’s ideological drift was partially caused by cash flowing in from liberals.

The ACLU was laying off staff until Trump was elected.

It turned out Trump was a cash cow for the ACLU, the SPLC, and the corporate-controlled press.

Now these groups are simply supporting Democrats out in the open.

Newsom has organizational support as well as the backing of Hollywood.

But it still might not be enough to defeat Elder, who has tons of grassroots support.

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