A sexual assault victim called out the terrible cynical act Democrats are engaged in

Predators in news and entertainment media are being exposed.

Hollywood in particular has seen former titans fall.

But a sexual assault victim called out the terrible cynical act Democrats are engaged in.

One of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault victims, Louise Godbold, is unnerved by what she’s seeing from Democrats.

Organizations like Time’s Up have been exposed as fraudulent because they sided with alleged sexual assault perpetrators over their victims.

They did so in the pursuit of power, and they’re being called out for it.

Virtually the entire Time’s Up board resigned after it was revealed the organization worked with Andrew Cuomo to challenge sexual assault claims.

Godbold expressed her disgust for Time’s Up in an op-ed for The Wrap, writing:

“The recent scandal and subsequent resignations at Time’s Up has revealed the central contradiction and, to survivors, the essential flaw in the organization: survivors are not and never have been the constituents of Time’s Up . . . That is because, as we saw with Tara Reade and Lindsay Boylan, sometimes the individual needs of survivors will run contrary to the organization’s desire to maintain friendships with the powerful. Thus, certain survivors are sacrificed for ‘the greater good’ . . .”

This is undoubtedly true.

Tara Reade was denied support because the organization was working with Joe Biden, her alleged attacker.

The corporate-controlled press avoided Reade’s allegations like the plague even though there was reason to believe she was credible, including a contemporaneous account from her mother that was chronicled on Larry King Live.

The only legacy media interview Reade got was with 60 Minutes . . . in Australia.

The Democrat Media Complex was not about to torpedo Biden’s chances in the 2020 election by covering credible sexual assault allegations.

Godbold continued:

“We didn’t cry #MeToo because we wanted pay equity for female movie stars. We didn’t speak out about our abusers only to have women leaders cater to them in order to retain power. Yes, survivors want an end to sexual violence and for abusers to be held accountable. But more than that, we want our expertise to be integral to finding solutions and implementing change. Every time someone else takes on that role for us, however well-intentioned, survivors become sidelined and our interests ignored.”

Godbold is highlighting an important aspect about virtually all left-wing movements: victims are nothing more than pawns on the chessboard for the elites to accrue more power for themselves.

Multi-millionaire stars and people already with one foot in the door benefit while the people lower on the totem pole get nothing.

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