A Nancy Pelosi ally admitted to Fox News the 2022 reality check that will ruin Joe Biden

The midterm election is ten months away.

Democrats are already panicking.

And that’s because this Nancy Pelosi ally admitted to Fox News the 2022 reality check that will ruin Joe Biden.

Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell sounded the alarm about the Democrats legislative agenda and messaging strategy heading into November.

Appearing on Fox News, host Martha MacCallum asked Dingell about an op-ed in The Hill by Democrats Doug Schoen and Carly Cooperman criticizing the party for focusing on a socialist agenda detached from the main concerns of voters such as the border, inflation, and the supply chain crisis.

McCallum noted Schoen and Cooperman highlighted Joe Biden’s approval rating sinking to 28 percent with Hispanic voters, as evidenced the Democrats focus on the Green New Deal, new socialist welfare programs, and a federal takeover of elections alienated swing voters.

Dingell did not disagree with that assessment.

“Quite frankly, that’s what the American people are talking about. I don’t disagree with what that article is. I would argue that we have been doing some things. But I’m pushing my leadership again today. I’ve got a plant closed in my district again today for another week because of the chip shortage. We need to pass the chip legislation. The President wants it. The Senate’s passed it, which is unusual for the Senate to do anything. We need to get it done in the House,” Dingell began.

Dingell added that she believed Democrats would lose unless the party started talking about issues voters actually cared about like inflation.

“We’ve got to address the supply chain. Any Democrat that doesn’t talk about inflation and its being real is making a mistake. It is real. But there [are] things we have done and we’ve got to keep doing to bring that down. If we don’t talk about those issues you just talked about, we are going to lose the election. But I think we will and you’re going to see some things pass Congress that will address them,” Dingell added.

The only problem with that is the fact that it was Democrats that made inflation worse.

It was Joe Biden’s socialist spending binge that supercharged inflation and drove prices to skyrocket to the highest levels since 1982.

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