A member of Trump’s own administration just stabbed him in the back with this sick claim

Donald Trump has watched as many of his allies turned coat now that he is no longer in office.

Time and time again, so-called allies have turned on Trump under establishment pressure.

And a member of Trump’s own administration just stabbed him in the back with this sick claim.

Being a Trump ally means making yourself available from the relentless attacks of the Left, their attack dogs in the media, and their Democrat pals in Washington, D.C.

The establishment is ruthless and digs into Trump’s allies’ personal lives for any low hanging fruit to attack them with.

Early on in Trump’s administration, short-term Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci turned on the President.

After having to leave the White House, Scaramucci became one of the most active anti-Trump pundits and made regular appearances on liberal media outlets like CNN.

Following the violence at the Capitol, Scaramucci took anti-Trump rhetoric to new extremes.

While speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, he accused Trump of being the “domestic terrorist of the 21st century,” even comparing him to the Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh.

Scaramucci ranted, “I think lawyers, legitimate lawyers are telling him that he’s in a lot of trouble. He incited a riot. He incited an insurrection. He’s arguably, at least in the 21st century, you could say Timothy McVeigh for the 20th century, but he is the domestic terrorist of the 21st century in terms of the history of the 21st century.”

“You think he’ll be viewed as a domestic terrorist,” Cooped asked.

Scaramucci gleefully offered his opinion that some 50 years from now presidential historians would openly refer to Trump as a domestic terrorist.

“So you’ve got to step back, Anderson, and look at it objectively and look at it from 2071, not 2021. Yes, I do think he will be known throughout history as somebody that incited domestic terrorism,” Scaramucci gleamed.

Trump never incited violence.

The Fake News Media and their Democrat pals in Washington, D.C. and Governors mansions around the country actively advocated openly for violence against political opposition.

The Left spent the last four years lying about Trump supporters and demonizing their political opposition.

Then when real concerns of election fraud and integrity were brought up, they did what they always do and painted concerned Americans as treasonous conspiracy theorists.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore.

And after four years of provocation, it’s certainly not shocking that things finally took a violent turn.

But there remains no evidence that Trump had anything to do with it.

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