A leading Democrat was destroyed when old footage exposed his hypocrisy

For the radical Left, “do as I say, not as I do” is an unwritten commandment.

Democrats have been caught recently not practicing what they preach with everything from COVID rules to election laws.

Now a leading Democrat was destroyed when old footage exposed his hypocrisy.

Attacking Republicans over efforts to contest the 2020 election are becoming a key part of the Left’s electoral strategy.

Nancy Pelosi is using the sham January 6 commission as a political stunt to try to hurt Republicans heading in the 2022 midterms.

In the Virginia Governor’s race this fall, Democrat Terry McAuliffe is using the same strategy to hammer his opponent Republican Glenn Youngkin.

But this attack blew up in McAuliffe’s face when the Youngkin campaign caught him red-handed in an outrageous case of hypocrisy.

Youngkin tweeted footage of McAuliffe in 2004 saying “Let’s go back to Florida. We actually won the last presidential election. They stole the last presidential election.”

Earlier this year at a fundraiser, he claimed that saying ‘Trump won the election’ was “hurting our country” and making “our democracy look bad.”

When reporters asked McAuliffe if he still believed that the 2000 election was stolen, he refused to comment.

The stolen election claims by McAuliffe are a classic case of Democrats’ projecting.

Youngkin said that Biden was legitimately elected earlier in the year.

In a state that President Trump lost by 10%, tying Youngkin, a political outsider, to Trump lets him avoid confronting his own failed record as Virginia governor from 2014-18.

A former close confidant of the Clintons, McAuliffe was under FBI investigation as Virginia’s Governor for accepting a $125,000 campaign contribution from a Chinese businessman.

This isn’t the first time that Democrats have been exposed as hypocrites in contested elections.

In 2000, 2004, and 2016 House Democrats contested a Republican President’s victory in Congress.

In fact, several Democrat members of the sham January 6 commission took part in these electoral objections.

With a failed Biden Presidency looming over the 2022 elections, we can expect Democrats to use outrageous attacks like this instead of running on their record.

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