A leading Democrat just handed Joe Biden a massive defeat with this move

Things aren’t going well for Joe Biden these days.

Democrats are trying to distance themselves from his collapsing regime.

And a leading Democrat just handed him a massive defeat with this move.

The centerpiece of Joe Biden’s plan to fundamentally transform America is the $3.5 trillion so-called “human infrastructure” bill.

The bill is a left-wing grab bag of just about every part of the radical Left’s agenda: parts of the Green New Deal, handouts for illegal aliens, wasteful social spending, and the largest tax increase in American history.

One of the key provisions of the bill, an expansion of Medicare benefits and lowering its age requirement, has been championed by Bernie Sanders and the socialists in Congress.

Unable to get his “Medicare-for-All” bill passed, Bernie has settled for taking an incremental approach to getting every American under the thumb of government run healthcare.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has been pumping the brakes on the size and scope of the bill.

And he handed Bernie and the Biden regime a crushing defeat by refusing to sign off on the Medicare expansion.

He said that he couldn’t sign off on Medicare expansion when the trust fund to pay for it is on brink of being insolvent.

The radical Left had hoped to bully Manchin into signing off the bill but he has so far held his ground.

This is the latest skirmish between Manchin and Sanders over the “human infrastructure” bill.

Earlier Sanders ran an op-ed in a West Virginia paper demanding Manchin support every socialist proposal in the bill.

Manchin fired back telling him that West Virginians don’t care what an out-of-state socialist thinks.

A fifty seat Senate majority with Kamala Harris breaking ties makes Manchin’s vote essential to passing any reconciliation bill.

With the Left unable to pressure Manchin into ramming through a socialist takeover of the country, the fate of Biden’s signature bill is in grave danger.

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