A leading Democrat just gave Joe Biden a reality check with this epic truth bomb

Joe Biden’s Presidency is rapidly turning into Jimmy Carter’s second term.

As the disasters pile up, even Democrats can’t defend him anymore.

And a leading Democrat just gave Biden a reality check with this epic truth bomb.

The border crisis is turning into one of the signature failures of Joe Biden’s Presidency.

He ran on open borders, undoing President Trump’s successful policies by stopping border wall construction and the “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers.

Predictably, the situation along the southern border since then has turned into a total catastrophe.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have poured across the border as the situation there has devolved into total chaos.

Now one Democrat is sick of the lies and excuses coming from the regime on the border crisis.

Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaii Democrat and former Presidential candidate, appeared with Judge Jeanine on Fox News and gave the Biden regime an epic reality check.

The open borders policy of the regime was emboldening illegal border crossings according to Gabbard.

She blasted the regime, saying cartels and human traffickers weren’t buying the lip service from Biden officials about not trying to cross the border.

Gabbard closed by accusing Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of lying to Congress when he said the border was secure.

These bald-faced lies were causing Americans to lose trust in elected officials and the government according to her.

This is a shocking statement coming from a prominent former Democrat as open borders have become the mainstream position of the party.

She joins a growing number of locally elected Texas Democrats on the border who are starting to turn on Biden because of the border crisis.

Earlier, the Democrat Mayor of Laredo, Texas praised President Trump’s border policies while denouncing Biden’s open borders agenda.

He said that Laredo residents would be begging for a wall.

As the border crisis rages on and Biden’s sagging poll numbers drag down elected Democrats across the country, more Democrats could be begrudgingly acknowledging the success of Trump’s America First border policies.

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