A leading Democrat is panicking about facing a catastrophic defeat

The Joe Biden era was supposed to be a golden age for Democrats.

Now things are collapsing for them at a spectacular pace.

And a leading Democrat is panicking about facing a catastrophic defeat.

The deep blue state of California is held up by Democrats as an example of liberal rule.

The state has collapsed into a socialist nightmare with draconian COVID lockdowns pushing citizens to the brink.

California Democrat governor Gavin Newsom was once considered a rising political star.

But his leftist mismanagement of the state has energized citizens to recall him from office.

As the September 14th recall election gets closer, he’s using increasingly desperate language.

Newsom claimed that remaining Governor was a “matter of life and death” in his latest political ad.

He then attacked the leading Republican candidate Larry Elder for opposing mask and vaccine mandates.

A talk radio show host and Fox News contributor Elder has surged to the top of the polls if Newsom is successfully recalled.

With California Democrats worried about turnout for the recall election, Newsom is clearly desperate.

After avoiding mentioning any of the Republican candidates he’s been furiously attacking Elder.

In an attempt to build up a bogeyman for California Democrats, Newsom called Elder a more extreme version of Trump.

In a state Trump lost by nearly 30 points Newsom is hoping to save his political future by attacking Elder for his ties to Trump and conservative political views.

Voters aren’t buying this line of attack even in a deep blue state.

The RealClearPolitics polling average has the “remove Newsom” vote ahead by half a point.

Democrats are clearly worried about suffering a humiliating defeat here.

National Democrats like Elizabeth Warren have even been campaigning in the state.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are both scheduled to appear in state for Newsom.

Newsom won his first term in office in 2018 by nearly 24 points.

If Newsom is successfully recalled that could be the political canary in the coal mine for Democrats’ chances across the country in 2022.

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