A leading CEO made one devastating prediction that left Joe Biden panicking

Joe Biden’s problems are growing by the day.

He never expected it could get this bad.

Now a leading CEO made one devastating prediction that left Joe Biden panicking.

Inflation is the biggest problem facing the country, and it’s left Joe Biden’s Presidency on the brink. 

After going on a multi-trillion socialist spending spree, President Joe Biden unleashed the worst inflation in 40 years.

The Biden regime was caught flat-footed by the problem claiming that inflation would only be “transitory.”

After that lie quickly unraveled, President Biden has claimed that inflation would be going down after every devastating inflation report that’s followed.

Now, a prediction from the CEO of one of America’s top corporations revealed the terrifying reality of how long inflation is sticking around.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon predicted that inflation will be “with us basically forever” and explained how it’s affecting the retail giant.

McMillon said that rampant inflation is causing more wealthy shoppers to turn to the store for savings.

“It’s a conflicting period in terms of the data,” McMillon said. “If you look at what’s happening across categories and across income levels, inflation is having an impact particularly for those who don’t have as much money.” 

“So we see them behaving in different ways… Higher income families are shopping at Walmart because they’re so price sensitive right now,” McMillon continued. We shared earlier this morning that families making more than $100,000 in household income have driven a lot of our growth during this last quarter.”

The disastrous Biden economy and rampant inflation are affecting Americans of every walk of life.

Inflation is forcing Americans to change their lifestyles as the price of almost every product in existence goes through the roof.

“Right around the middle of the first quarter is when we saw food inflation reach a level where behavior started to change,” McMillon added. “It got to a level where people making less than $50,000 household income started behaving differently, and then to the $75,000 level and then to the $100,000 level.”

“So I think there’s some level of inflation that’s going to be with us basically forever,”he continued. 

This is a catastrophic prediction for President Biden, especially when inflation has driven his approval rating into the ground.

“Hopefully we’ll see food inflation in particular improve as we go through next year,” McMilon added.

Food inflation came in at a scorching-hot 10.9% in July’s Consumer Price Index, the highest level since 1979 under then-President Jimmy Carter.

Joe Biden is trying to spin the latest devastating inflation report by claiming that inflation is at 0% for the month of July.

Any trip to the store easily disapproves this absurd lie, and is a painful reminder of the Biden regime’s massive failures on inflation. 

And as Walmart CEO Doug McMillon revealed, inflation is going to be a lingering problem that Joe Biden won’t be able to escape.

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