A leading CEO just made a prediction that caused Joe Biden to turn as white as a ghost

Joe Biden has been a disaster for the economy.

He’s left businesses in their worst shape in years.

And a leading CEO just made a prediction that caused him to turn as white as a ghost.

Joe Biden adopted the radical environmental policies of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders.

He came into office attacking American energy and trying to ram through the Green New Deal in Congress.

Major pipelines were shut down, oil and gas leases on federal land were suspended, and energy companies were threatened with crippling regulations.

As a result, America’s energy production has declined and prices have soared.

Biden has avoided taking responsibility for the mess he created, instead attacking oil and gas companies for “anti-consumer behavior.”

While wrecking America’s ability to produce oil, he’s gone to OPEC hat-in-hand begging them to increase production to drive down prices.

Now, the CEO of Chevron offered a bleak prediction on oil prices going forward.

Chevron CEO Mike Wirth appeared on Fox Business to talk about the state of the oil industry.

He said, “Oil hit $90 a barrel earlier this week, and you look at Wall Street’s $100 a barrel forecast by this summer, that suddenly doesn’t look so lofty.”

Major Wall Street investment firms recently started setting a target price of $100 a barrel with Bank of America going so far as to predict a $120 a barrel by July.

When asked for his outlook, Wirth replied, “Could we see $100 oil? I think we could – we’re not far from it right now, and a lot of it depends on things that are very hard to predict that could happen around the world.”

He mentioned that the recent tension between Russia and the Ukraine has made markets jittery.

When asked about the outlook of the industry, he took a subtle shot at the Biden regime.

“In this strong market that we’ve seen, the incentives are for all producers to be producing as much as they can because the demand is clearly there,” he said.

“If we want to see lower prices, what we really want to see is more supply. We need policies that encourage investment and supply, and this is a country that is an energy powerhouse,” he added.

“We’re the largest producer of oil and gas in the world, and can be for a long time to come if we’re allowed to responsibly develop those resources,” he concluded.

This prediction of a $100 a barrel is a nightmare for consumers and the Biden regime.

That would likely cement the arrival of at least $4/gallon gas prices by spring.

High gas prices would be another political headache for the regime to deal with while consumers are getting battered by soaring inflation.

It’s clear Biden’s anti-energy agenda is going to leave Americans with pain at the pump for the foreseeable future.

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