A key swing state Democrat made one game-changing mistake that left Chuck Schumer fuming

A handful of battleground states will decide control of the Senate.

One misstep could cost Democrats their majority.

Now a key swing state Democrat made one game-changing mistake that left Chuck Schumer fuming.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is in the fight of his political life to maintain Democrat control of the U.S. Senate after November’s Midterm elections.

With the Senate tied at 50 Senators for each party, Democrats have no margin for error.

Senator Schumer knows he needs to flip at least one Republican-held Senate seat, if he wants to keep power.

Pennsylvania’s Senate seat is open after incumbent Republican Pat Toomey decided to retire.

After nail-biters in the last two Presidential elections, Pennsylvania’s Senate race is shaping up to be a barn burner.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is running to keep the seat in Republican hands after winning a crowded Pennsylvania Republican Primary with the added boost of an endorsement from former President Donald Trump.

He’s being opposed by the state’s Bernie Sanders-supporting Democrat Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.

Crime is becoming one of the biggest issues of the election for the people of Pennsylvania, as — like the rest of the country — their state is suffering from skyrocketing crime in Democrat-controlled cities since the “defund the police” movement took off.

Now, John Fetterman is in hot water after he said he was “happy” about the release of Charles “Zeke” Goldblum, a murderer who received a life sentence after stabbed a man 26 times with garden shears in a downtown Pittsburgh parking garage.

Goldblum and his accomplice, Clarence Miller, were accused of luring the victim into the parking garage before Goldblum murdered him in cold blood.

While Goldblum was out on bail, he hired an undercover policeman to conduct a gangland style hit on Miller, who linked him to the murder.

After seven clemency appeals failed, it appeared that Goldblum would spend the rest of his life in prison.

A Federal Appeals Court even shot down a request for an evidentiary hearing by Goldblum saying “there is just too much evidence here establishing Goldblum’s guilt.”

But in 2019, Goldblum was granted a pardon by Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons, which Fetterman chairs as the state’s Lieutenant Governor.

Fetterman jumped for joy after Goldblum was released, saying he was “happy that he’s going to be going home to his family.”

According to Fetterman, Goldblum was “not a threat to public safety” after the Board of Pardons released him.

And his campaign has made clear that Fetterman is making no apologies whatsoever for his leading role in releasing Goldblum back into the public.

“John is proud of his work on the Board of Pardons giving second chances to non-violent offenders and the wrongfully convicted,” Fetterman campaign spokesman Joe Calvello said.

This is the latest disturbing link to a murderer to dog Fetterman in his run for office.

Recently, it was revealed that the Fetterman campaign had put two convicted murderers on its payroll — both were pardoned by Fetterman.

John Fetterman’s soft-on-crime policies and support of murderers will be a major headache for Chuck Schumer as campaign season heats up.

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